Israel Adesanya, UFC 263

Israel Adesanya picked apart Marvin Vettori on the feet to defend his middleweight champion at UFC 263 on Saturday, June 12. [Courtesy of @UFCNews via Twitter]

Israel Adesanya defends strap, batters Marvin Vettori for five rounds.

Israel Adesanya picked Marvin Vettori apart on the feet to defend his middleweight strap at UFC 263 on Saturday, June 12. 

Adesanya patented the low leg kick through out the entirety of the fight, slowing down Vettori. Vettori secured a couple takedowns, but was unable to control Adesanya for long.

Another dominant performance for Adesanya, in Glendale, Arizona.

Israel Adesanya vs. Marvin Vettori Preview

Over three years since their first meeting, UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya meets challenger Marvin Vettori again at UFC 263 on Saturday, June 12. 

It is the first of two title fights as the flyweight king Deiveson Figueiredo rematches Brandon Moreno in the co-main event inside Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona.

Vettori is the closest any middleweight has come to beating Adesanya. He dropped a split decision to “The Last Stylebender” at UFC on FOX 29 in April 2018.

Adesanya is fresh off his first ever professional defeat, losing a unanimous decision to light-heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz at UFC 259 this past March.

Adesanya has defended his 185-pound strap on two occasions, beating Yoel Romero and Paulo Costa. 

Vettori is unbeaten in his last five performances since his loss to Adesanya. He most recently dominated Kevin Holland by unanimous decision at UFC on ABC 2 last April.

Here is how the middleweight title bout between Israel Adesanya and Marvin Vettori went down at UFC 263, including round-by-round scoring. For full results of the event, check them out right here.

Israel Adesanya’s leg kicks reign supreme


Both guys go center. Adesanya gets his leg kicks going early here. Vettori following, pressuring the champion. Vettori lands a leg kick of his own. Adesanya lands a leg kick, but Vettori times the takedown and gets Adesanya down. Vettori is controlling from half guard. Adesanya uses the fence and gets to his feet. Vettori controlling on the cage, but Adesanya slips out. Adesanya lands a leg kick. Vettori misses with a jab and cross, Adesanya moving his head. Adesanya laying on more leg kicks. Adesanya displaying head movement. Adesanaya mixing up his strikes. Vettori blocks the head kick. Vettori eats a jab. Adesanya is finding his rhythm on his feet. Close first round. 

MyMMANews scores it 10-9 for Adesanya


Adesanya working the leg kicks early in round two, staying with it. The champion has the clear upper hand on the feet. Vettori lands a combination, but takes a knee from Adesanya. Vettori is controlling the center, takes a leg kick. Vettori shoots for a takedown. Adesanya lands some elbows and punches as he defends. Vettori turns, but Adesanya scrambles and escapes. Adesanya misses with a head kick. Vettori lands a jab. Adesanya continues to mix up his strikes, leg kicks, jabs, hooks. Vettori’s right leg is taking damage from the leg kicks. Vettori continues to follow Adesanya. Vettori shoot for takedowns. Adesanya lands elbows tot he head of Vettori, forces Vettori to give up on takedown. Adesanya circles out. Vettori advances, but doesn’t land much>A desanya ends the round with a leg kick.

MyMMANews scores it 20-18 for Adesanya


Adesanya goes right back to the leg kick. Vettori scores a takedown early. Vettori is in the half guard of Adesanya. Vettori controlling the champion on the ground. Adesanya scrambles and Vettori takes the back. Vettori looks for a rear-naked choke. Adesanya controls the arms and turns. Adesanya gets to top control. Vettori drops for a leg, but Adesanya  escapes. Adesanya accidentally eye pokes Vettori. Vettori takes a quick break. Adesanya lands another leg kick, clearly hurts Vettori. Vettori takes another leg kick. Vettori lands a jab. Adesanya goes to the leg two more times. Vettori slips right under a head kick attempt. Vettori goes down with a leg kick. Adesanya lands two punches before Vettori stands. Vettori slips the leg kick. Vettori takes left kick right to the groin. Vettori recovers from the blow.

MyMMANews scores it 30-27 for Adesanya


Adesanya turning it on in the fourth, mixing up his strikes. Vettori is still center. Vettori shoots for takedown. Vettori trips Adesanya and gets a takedown. Adesanya pushes off the fence and gets on top. Vettori lands a right and looks for a takedown, but Adesanya defends. Vettori land a low kick. Vettori eats punches and then takes a leg kick. Adesanya going back to the leg kicks. Adesanya goes high. Vettori rushes in for the takedown. Adesanya defends. 

MyMMANews scores it 40-36 for Adesanya


Adesanya goes high with head kick, blocked. Adesanya lands a leg kick. Vettori shoots and Adesanya defends. Vettori controls the champ against the cage. Vettori changes levels, but Adesanya locks up the shoulder. Adesanya escapes. Vettori takes a head kick. Vettori lands a leg kick. Vettori lands a jab. Vettori lands a right hand and Adesanya pretends to grab his eye, then smiles at Vettori. Vettori shoots for a takedown, Vettori gets Adesnaya down briefly. Adesanya gets to his feet. Time is ticking. Vettori seems hesitant still. Adesanya lands a leg kick. Vettori goes in on a takedown late. Adesanya pretends to be hurt and then laughs. 

MyMMANews scores it 50-45 for Adesanya

Official result: Israel Adesanya def. Marvin Vettori via unanimous decision [50-45 3x]

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