Franchon Crews Dezurn

Franchon Crews Dezurn on Undisputed title fight June 19th with Triller

Franchon Crews Dezurn takes on Elin Cederroos in a title unification bout to determine the undisputed super middleweight champion. This Triller Fight Club contest takes place on Saturday, June 19th.

Cederroos is undefeated at 8-0 with four stoppage victories. The Swedish pugilist is the reigning WBA and IBF world super-middleweight champion.

Her last outing saw her secure a unanimous decision victory over Alicia Napoleon Espinosa in January 2020.

Crews Dezurn has a record of 7-1 with 1 ND and is unbeaten across her last eight bouts. The Heavy Hitting Diva is the reigning WBC and WBO world super-middleweight champion.

Her previous contest saw her garner a unanimous decision win against Ashleigh Curry in January 2021.

I spoke with Crews Dezurn at Triller media day about why this promotion is such a seamless fit for her.

Franchon Crews Dezurn

I had seen you had a tweet there a bit ago where you were saying you wrote and sang a soundtrack to a promotional video you put together. You said if Triller were a person, it’d be me.

Obviously, this is a hugely important undisputed title fight. But just the surrounding promotional dynamics, the performative nature of it, how does this moment feel for you?

“I feel like everything is coming full circle. Just, that’s my environment, that’s my environment. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Sorry, no drugs, no drugs. I think it’s just, I’m a creative. So I’ll be able to express myself in so many ways. Being able to fight, become undisputed, have music. That’s just me on the inside. Just a big party and a big ball of energy. Triller is doing their thing and I appreciate them giving me some creative control. Just letting me be me. Just let me be me. I don’t fit in anywhere else and Triller’s letting me be me. So that’s very appreciated.”

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