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Israel Adesanya responds to Derek Brunson diss: “Your bootleg Chuck Norris style has no power here”

It seems ever since Israel Adesanya has risen to prominence in the UFC middleweight division. Most everybody now wants a piece of him hoping to give him his first loss in the company.

The first man to step up to get his shot at doing that, is fellow top ranked UFC Middleweight, Derek Brunson.

Brunson initially laid down the challenge to fight Adesanya on July 10, even demanding the fight take place in undefeated prospect’s resident home country of New Zealand via his Twitter.

Since then, two have begun to exchange heated words towards each other on Twitter the past couple of weeks, with each man putting his own creative spin on insulting the other.

As a matter of fact, earlier today, Adesanya dug into his box diss tricks and proceeded to create an edited video that cut up  parts of an original video Brunson posted on Twitter yesterday afternoon, with different memes expressing his disdain for the North Carolinian calling him out.

Here’s the first and second social media posts from Brunson officially calling out the Nigerian striker.

Derek Brunson tweet

Here is Adesanya’s response to Brunson’s insulting tweets. In his rebuttal, the New Zealander took aim at Brunson’s fighting style, claiming it was powerless against him.

As you can see from this verbal sparring the two men have done as of late, this feud gaining more steam by the minute, hopefully the UFC recognizes this, and we’ll hopefully get Adesanya & Brunson sometime soon.

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