tim kennedy

Tim Kennedy on his new Discovery Channel Show, UFC, and serving in the military

Former UFC Fighter Tim Kennedy talks about his new Discovery Channel Show, UFC, Military, Hitler, and more!!

Video provided by Adam Glyn

Kennedy’s no holds barred series HARD TO KILL stars the Special Forces Sniper and fearless Green Beret. The series, produced by Karga 7 Pictures, follows Tim across the country as he puts the spotlight on America’s toughest workers by putting himself in harm’s way to attempt some of the country’s most dangerous jobs.

From scaling 1500 feet to the top of a TV Mast Tower to travelling to the Mojave Desert to push the boundaries of flight, Tim works with experts in each field to learn some of today’s most dangerous jobs, where one mistake can be deadly. At the end of each training, Tim will put the skills he learned to the test to see if he truly has what it takes to accomplish the jobs of everyday heroes. Regardless of the outcome, Tim will walk away with a greater respect for those that push the limits and put their lives on the line.

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