Jason Mayhem Miller submitted in Italy

VIDEO: Jason Mayhem Miller Submitted in Italy

VIDEO:  Jason Mayhem Miller Submitted in Italy

It has been a strange 24-hours in Milan, Italy.  First Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller was out the Venator FC middleweight title fight against Luke Barnett after coming in 24-pounds overweight yesterday.  Then he was off the card all together, now he’s back on the card.

Stefan Croitoru then took Miller’s place in the title bout.  Croitoru’s originally scheduled opponent, Mattia Schiavolin, was going to be without opponent and off the card however this morning Mayhem came in just around the light heavyweight mark, enough to save both fighters to be removed from the card.  Miller then fought Schiavolin.

Miller was in control of the first round, however you could tell he was tired and gassed from the extra weight and four year layoff.  In the second round, Miller came out strong with a takedown but ended up eating some shots from Schiavolin.  Mayhem was in trouble, but Schiavolin looked up to the ref to stop the fight.  That mistake allowed Miller to capitalize but lucky for Schiavolin, he was able to gain back control and submit Miller with a rear-naked choke.

Watch the finish below

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