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Jesse Arnett “Going to Put Him (Ali Alqaisi) Out Cold”

Jesse Arnett and Ali AlQaisi battle in a rubber match that is being hailed as the biggest fight in company history. This tiebreaker bout for featherweight gold transpires at UAE Warriors 42 on May 20th.

Arnett appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to touch on the differences in his mindset leading into this one, his prediction for the prizefight, and more. Excerpts from our chat are above.

Jesse Arnett

The idea of fighting making Arnett too nice over the years and ‘Big Cat’ returning to his “old ways”

“Yeah like when I was on my win streak, huge win streak, I didn’t respect the guys as much. Don’t get me wrong I respect everyone as a fighter. But my confidence was so blown for the first fight and the second fight that it was hard to be myself because I was so compromised. I need to fly across the cage, get in his face. Put it on him like I did Johnny Bedford, put it on him like I did (Mike) Hernandez. Like I did Vince Murdock, like I did Roland Delorme, Darrick Minner.”

Jesse Arnett continued, “The resume doesn’t stop, the list doesn’t stop. I can fight at the highest level of this sport, and I can take him out. Right now I’m the best I’ve ever been in the gym. I’m 39 years old this summer, going on 25. I wouldn’t be doing this over and over and this long if I wasn’t improving each time. He’s a good fighter, I’m a great fighter. I’m going to prove it May 20th when I get my hands raised as the UAE Warriors world champion again.”

UAE Warriors 42

The magnitude of this fight being the biggest in company history as well as if the personal banter has ramped up between the Canadian and Jordanian heading into this rubber match

“Yeah, for sure. Like this is huge for him, he’s still a young guy. I win this fight; I’m not going to the UFC. He wins this fight; he’s getting his job back in the UFC. So, a lot’s on the line. Then for me to be a hero and a legend and a champion in that country, yeah, this is huge, man. Yeah, he’s been talking a lot of s**t online. That’s what I mean, I used to be like that. I used to f***ing to talk a lot of s**t, this, that, and the next thing. I’ve been kind of quiet on social media. He’s commenting on anyone who says something on there.”

Jesse Arnett vs Ali AlQaisi III

“He’s back and forth with these people arguing… I’m going to tell him straight up, I’m going to put him out cold. I deserve it. I’ve worked my whole career to put somebody out cold. Don’t get me wrong, if the shot’s there, I drop him, I get on top of him, I’ll put my elbow through him. But I have a great game plan that Kieran Keddle, Steve Willett, and Mo, and everyone has put together. I’m going to be really smart.”

Jesse Arnett continued, “He’s got higher volume. I don’t need to match his high-volume. But I guarantee I land my left hand, I land a couple jabs, he’s not going to rush in. Also, I cut his artery. He was severely cut to the bone. Then he re-opened that cut again sixty days ago, not even. Whenever the fight was, he re-opened that again fight week. I get my front hand on him, that jab, I’m going to re-open that cut one hundred percent. So he’s going to be bleeding within the first minute and a half of this fight. I’ll guarantee it.”

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