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Jesse Tafoya motivated by competitive nature

After three professional fights, Jesse Tafoya has recorded one victory, but is ready to turn things around when he faces Josiah Reyes at Southwest MMA Series XXIX.

The start to your pro career has not been what you expected. How much has that motivated you?
“I’m a competitive guy. So, even if someone in practice gets the better of me, I want to improve myself in whatever areas I need to get that win back, especially when it comes down to a fight. This is something I’ve done for my whole life. I love martial arts and I’ve trained forever. So, when I lose at aartial arts, it’s tough for me. It’s always right back to the drawing board, right back to getting the attributes I need to succeed; and cutting out the extra things that I don’t need that will hinder my success.”

Can you talk about some of the adjustments you made this last fight?
“I’ve been working a ton on just mixing everything up; having the cardio base to go from striking to grappling to wrestling and right back every time, for 3-5 minute rounds. I’ve been putting in a lot of work on my own and I’m ready to put on that performance.”

How much has your last fight against Joshua Madrigal been a motivating factor?
“Oh my God, it motivated the shit out of me, like sorry for cussing like that. Oh my God, I hate losing so much and for my record to be what it is right now, it’s unacceptable. I’m getting this one back.”

How do you get you hand raised at Southwest MMA Series XXIX?
“By knockout!”

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Jesse Tafoya

Pro Card

  • Welterweight: Jalin Fuller 1-0 (Luttrell/Yee MMA, ABQ, NM) vs. Kemoy Anderson 0-0 (10th Planet El Paso, TX)
  • Lightweight: Ali “The Silent Assassin” Omar 1-1 (JW, ABQ, NM) vs. Michael Morgan
  • Flyweight: Jesse Tafoya 1-2 (JW, ABQ, NM) vs. Josiah Reyes 0-0 (Lutrell/Yee MMA, Santa Fe Fitness and Martial Arts)

Amateur Card:

  • Lightweight: Korey Windham 0-0 (Santa Fe Fitness, NM) vs. Baltazar Austin Loza 2-1 (Standfast Wrestling/MMA, Enid, OK)
  • Bantamweight: Andre Mitchell 2-5 (Independent, Rio Rancho, NM) vs. Derrick Pringle 2-0 (Jackson’s Four Corners)
  • Flyweight: Aaron Taylor 4-1 (Jackson’s Acoma, ABQ, NM) vs. Isiah Torres 7-2 (Steal City Fight Team, Pueblo, CO)
  • Featherweight: Rakim Thorpe 6-3 (JW, ABQ, NM) vs. Dakota Munro 5-6 (Gym King Dom BJJ/ Alpha Ape, Carlsbad, NM)
  • Featherweight: Val Guevara 0-0 (JW, ABQ NM) vs. Shane Jackson 1-0 (Steal City Fight Team, Pueblo, Col)
  • Welterweight: Caleb Gunter 1-0 (JW, ABQ, NM) vs. Daniel Kartushyn 2-1 (Lutrell/Yee MMA, ABQ, NM)
  • Heavyweight: Padro Ingram 1-0 (City Wolves, El Paso, TX) vs. Mario Moore 1-1 (Lutrell/Yee MMA)
  • Strawweight:  0-0 (Legacy, Las Cruces, NM) vs. David Hudson 1-1 (Desert Dynasty, Alamogordo, NM)

*Card subject to change

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