Mike Jasper

Mike Jasper Mentally Confident of Securing Victory at Bellator 228

Confidence is a critical strength in taking on challenges, as a Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Fighting out of Camarillo, California, Mike Jasper has a firm self-belief and capabilities that gives him the upper hand heading into his upcoming fight at Bellator 228. With a professional record of 13-5, Jasper is an eight-year fight veteran. Jasper has made a name for himself throughout the California MMA fight circuit. Climbing the ladder has been a slow, yet constant grind. However, for Jasper, the passion for competition fuels his ambition to become the best version of himself.

“I have been involved in sports the majority of my life that has made me become a competitive person,” Jasper said. “That competitiveness, I believe is what led me to MMA. I love the training, camaraderie with my teammates, grind, and one-on-one competition of standing across the cage from my opponent.”

Jasper’s work and passion would take him to a pinnacle moment in his career, as he found himself competing on a worldwide fight platform. Substituting for the injured Lorenz Larkin, Mike Jasper made his Bellator FC debut at the 219 event show competing against [22-3] Andrey Koreshkov. Losing by unanimous decision, the fight not only provided an excellent experience for Jasper but also thanks in part to his performance, opened future fight opportunities with the company.

“When Larken dropped out, I got the call from Bellator on four weeks’ notice to fight Koreshkov. This was an opportunity I wasn’t going to turn down. Although I lost the match, I am glad I was able to go in there and show everyone that I can hang in going the distance with a top-level competitor.”

While a loss can be discouraging to many competitors, being defeated by Koreshkov proved to be a confidence booster for Jasper. After his Bellator 219 appearance, Jasper sought to challenge himself in other combat sports. On July 13 at “WCK Muay Thai: Bad Intentions 3”, Jasper found himself competing for the WCK Title. Jasper emerged from the fight victorious over the highly experienced Charles Bissett to become the new champion.

Mike Jasper Wins WCK Muay Thai Title

Jasper looks to use that momentum going into his next match at Bellator 228 against [12-7] Johnny Cisneros. Coincidently, Cisneros also made his first company appearance at Bellator 219 losing to John Mercurio, via majority decision. In preparation for the Cisneros fight, Jasper is training at Saekson Muay Thai, Bas Rutten’s Elite MMA, and Akxe BJJ. With the aid of his coaches and world-class fight training partners, Jasper is improving and sculpting new skills to clinch the chances for a victory over “The Tattooed Terror” Cisneros.

“Each fight win or lose you have to be able to learn from each experience. If you don’t, you won’t be able to grow, as a fighter,” Jasper said. “At Bellator 219, there were some things we did well and things we did poorly. My team and I have been making those necessary corrections and improvements. I look forward to putting it on display on September 28.”

Mike Jasper hopes to use the victory at Bellator 228, as a staple for many ambitious goals. Being company draw value, competing against future top contenders like Koreshov, Jasper seeks all the benefits for years of grind in Mixed Martial Arts. The confidence, team support, and the skills are strong, ready for the test. All that is left is for Jasper to do now is execute.

Will Jasper’s confidence lead him to another rewarding moment in his fight career? Tune into Bellator 228 on September 28 to watch his story unfold!

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