Joaquin Buckley defeats Alhassan, Commander Dale Brown Remains Undefeated As Coach

In what was supposed to be an explosive fight with a huge knockout, Abdul Razak Alhassan and Joaquin Buckley fought and went to a decision. UFC Vegas 38 opened up with the fight that ended in Joaquin Buckley winning the fight via split decision.

Breaking down Abdul Razak Alhassan and Joaquin Buckley

In a tired boi bout, Abdul Razak Alhassan and Joaquin Buckley fought to a decision that saw both fighters unable to get up from the canvas after the final bell rung. The fight was a very tough fight for both and in the end, Buckley’s takedowns won the fight.

In round one, Buckley did a good job keeping Alhassan at bay with a multitude of oblique kicks and jabs. He fought long and fought reserved as well. Alhassan also fought more reserved in the first round as opposed to his previous fights. Buckley ended up shooting a double and got to the other side of the cage and getting Alhassan to the ground for a moment.

Buckley came out in round two with a slick trip against the fence but, once again, couldn’t keep Alhassan down. Midway through round 3, Alhassan was noticeably breathing heavy. He tried to use the rope a dope without the rope. He shelled up and let Joaquin Buckley punch away at his high guard. Buckley would throw hooks around and throw to the body.

Finally, in round three, Alhassan started to take over and bring the fight to Buckley. He managed to get in a clinch situation with a body lock and drug Buckley to the ground and took top control from there. While he didn’t do much until the end of the round, Alhassan controlled the remainder of the fight as Buckley was absolutely gassed for the remainder of the fight.

In the end, Buckley was handed the split decision and Alhassan was devistated. Dale Brown, the Self Defense Guru, is remains undefeated as a coach.

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