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John Mitchell Details Training With Darren Till, Paul Redmond, Mounir Lazzez and More Ahead of UAE Warriors 28

Undefeated Irish prospect John Mitchell (4-0) has kept good company in preparation for his upcoming fight vs. Mariusz Mazur (5-2) at UAE Warriors 28.

The Cork native, who now lives and trains out of Dubai, is no stranger to high-level training partners. In his interview with MyMMANews.com, Mitchell detailed sparring and training with the likes of UFC star Darren Till, Irish MMA legend Paul Redmond, UFC fighter Mounir Lazzez, and UAE Warriors Lightweight Champion Bruno “Caveira” Machado, which he credits with preparing him for the task at hand.

“There’s always really high-level lads coming through the camp,” explains Mitchell.

Prior to his most recent victory over Konstantinos Ntelis, the Mitchell sparred a number of time with fellow Irishman, Conor McGregor. This camp, it was Darren Till facing him on the other side of the cage.

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“It just strengthens my resolve, because I get to see my level. You know what I mean? I got to see my level against McGregor. I got to see my level against Till. He even gave me a good shout out after, saying ‘this lad’s a monster’! I know where I’m going, and I know what I’m capable of, and those spars confirm it more.”

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Recently retired Irish MMA stalwart Paul Redmond recently visited Dubai for some training and coaching, and Mitchell credits the time spent working with the UFC/Bellator/KSW/Cage Warriors veteran as prime preparation ahead of the fight against Mazur:

“He was a perfect opponent for this guy I’m fighting, because I was lucky enough that I got to spar Redser. He’s a whole lot better than this guy I’m fighting, but kind of similar in terms of they both go for leg locks. But Redser actually knows how to do them. So, it was unreal. It was class training with him. I can’t wait for him to come out here again!”

As far as his upcoming matchup on vs Mariuz Mazur goes, Mitchell is less concerned with preparing for a specific opponent, and instead takes confidence from the training he puts in day in and day out with his training partners:

“The thing is, if you see who I spar in the gym, I’m facing difficult tasks on the regular every Tuesday and Saturday, and I know my level. I’ve sparred a lot of UFC guys out here, and I know exactly how I’ve done against all of them. Bruno Caveira, he texted me the day I fought Konstantinos and said ‘brother, you’ve no need to be worried now, because you’re not going to go through the hell that me and Mounir put you through every Tuesday and Saturday’. ”

“I’m ready for any of them.”

John Mitchell vs. Mariuz Mazur takes place this Saturday 26th March on UAE Warriors 28. The event will be broadcast live on UFC Fight Pass.

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