Jose Aldo states that exhibition with Floyd Mayweather still in works

Where all my Aldosexuals at? The King of Rio himself may be getting a much-deserved payday with a potential boxing event with Floyd Mayweather. While Jose Aldo is fighting Jeremy Stephens on Gamebred Boxing 4 this weekend, he has bigger fights in mind.

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Many are critical of Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition run after retiring a perfect 50-0. Since retiring from MMA, Mayweather has boxed Tenshin Nasukawa, Logan Paul, Don Moore, Mikuru Asakura, and Deji. That’s a list of names that seemingly come out of a random fighter generator.

After he was rumored to fight Thai boxer Liam Harrison, Mayweather is looking to fight some athletes instead of YouTubers it seems like. Jose Aldo, arguably one of the best MMA fighters of all time, is a prime opponent after he’s just switched to earlier this year.

Aldo is excited to take on Mayweather but said this week that he’s focusing on Jeremy Stephens first.

“Yeah, we’ve been negotiating that fight for a good while,” Aldo said at the Gamebred Boxing, albeit through an interpreter. “Floyd already knows about the fight. I first need to think about my fight this Saturday, and then I can see what’s going to happen. But yeah, we’ve been in negotiations for a long time, and that fight could go down in Saudi Arabia.”

While the fight’s not completely finalized, Jose Aldo isn’t denying a potential bout with Mayweather. “So yeah, it’s all true. We’re going to do the work on Saturday, and after that we’ll sit down again with everyone to book the fight.”

Boxing has had these types of exhibition fights since its inception. It’s a reward for fighters who have built up their platform to continue to entertain without all the trauma to the head. For Mayweather to give fighters like Jose Aldo and Tenshin Nasukawa a spot on that platform as they build theirs is only a good thing.

Sign this reporter up for Jose Aldo vs. Floyd Mayweather. It’s the type of spectacle I like to see.

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