Ryan Ford

Ryan Ford “I’m Edmonton’s King of Combat”

Ryan Ford defends his super welterweight (175 lbs) championship against Fay Bursell at Unified MMA 50 on March 31st.

Ford appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss almost being Mike Perry’s BKFC debut opponent, this being Real Deal‘s final MMA fight, and so much more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Ryan Ford

The thoughts and feelings from Ford heading into this MMA swan song 

“You know I’ve got a job to do and that’s defend my title. So you know, Fay Bursell is on my mind every day. From the moment I get up until I go to bed. There’s one job that I’ve got to get done and it’s entertain the fans and the people watching worldwide. Do what I do and keep it real when I step in the cage.”

Ford’s thoughts on Fay Bursell’s resume and stylistic attributes

“We’ve watched a few of his fights. He’s an all-around fighter. He likes to stand which I have no problem with that. If it goes to the ground. I’m ready and I’m there too. So you know what he’s a good challenge coming up. He’s an up-and-comer and he’s coming to fight. Guys just don’t pick a fight against Ryan Ford and think it’s going to be easy except for the last guy. But I’m pretty sure Fay has done his homework. He knows that when I step into the cage, it’s for real. There’s no laydown or anything. It’s time to get down and the best man will win.”

Unified MMA 50

Rich history of champion prizefighters out of Edmonton, Alberta and Ford being interwoven in that

“Yeah well you know what I’m going to put it as it is and how I see it, I’m Edmonton’s king of combat. No matter what sport it is, Boxing, MMA, you name it. I’m the king when it comes to when you talk about fighting coming out of Edmonton and Alberta. Yeah, I may not have fought in the UFC. But the thing is, is everybody around the world knows who I am from my fighting. Whether it’s boxing or mixed martial arts.”

“I built my name and I built this city up in MMA, starting from MMA from the ground up. I switched over and I was able to do the same thing for Boxing. Which is very hard for a lot of people to do. So you know to be; there are a lot of greats here that have come out of Edmonton before my time. But I believe to this day, I am Edmonton’s king of combat.”

Ryan Ford BKFC?

Bare-knuckle boxing being a focus for Ford once boxing and MMA are in the rearview

“The bare-knuckle is on my bucket list…I had to pay because it wasn’t in the ring or in a cage. It’s definitely on my bucket list. When I’m retired from boxing, you can catch me a hundred percent in that bare-knuckle ring. Yeah, I’ve got to go out with one at least and get paid for it (laughs).”

“I think it was maybe about a year ago before Julian Lane and Mike Perry fought, I actually had Mike Perry fished in and had him going. Then obviously Julian Lane started the whole beef at the BKB (bare-knuckle boxing) event and kind of cut that line from Mike Perry being on my line. But you know I’m definitely gonna get in there. It’s bare-knuckle so you know, I want to fight whoever they’ve got to fight. Whoever’s making them money, that’s who I want to fight.”

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