Judo Jaye Haynes eyes pro career

27-year-old Jaye Haynes started training and competing in Judo at just eight-years of age. She held a spot on the Great British Team for approximately five years and competed all over the world. Haynes became a British National Champion two years running but then suddenly stopped competing at about 18 years of age.

Wrong Turn Leads to the Right Path
10716061_1478644422413207_1025147089_n“I kind of lived a wild life in between 18 years old and having my daughter (at 21 years old) put me back on track again,” Haynes said.”That’s why after having her I got myself back into training. I had a lot of potential as a kid and wasted it. I won’t be making the same mistake twice. I am a lot more mature now and focused. Having my daughter young made me grow up quick!”

Her daughter is now six-years old and the reason why she went back to fighting.

“I think having a kid and knowing that you need to support them just pushes you to work harder. My daughter and my want to give her a secure future is my main motivation when I fight.”

Birth of ‘Judo Jaye’
When she got back to fighting she earned her nickname “Judo Jaye.”

“My coach and the lads down the gym just started calling me judo at training so it kind of just stuck! After winning my first fight by armbar it sealed the deal.”

“I got into judo at about age eight with my two sisters. My dad used to take us training 4-5 times a week and we would compete most weekends. It kept us busy, training is all I’ve ever really known, it keeps me sane still to this day.”

Haynes trains out of Wolfpack MMA by head coach is John Ashley.

“I also still like to pop into my old judo club when I get chance to see my judo coach Bill Kelly, and I train Thai boxing with former world champion Peter Crooke as well.”

Haynes fights at bantamweight 61kg, the equivalent of the 135-pound division here in the U.S.

“I have another amateur fight in Decmebmer and then hopefully can look at going pro in the new year. It’s so difficult getting the opposition at amateur level,” Haynes said.10721071_1478644049079911_268341010_n

All of her wins have been first round finishes, two by armbar and one by TKO.

Her last win was a 38 second TKO and Judo Jaye states that the work she is putting into her boxing / Thai boxing is beginning to pay off.10721256_1478643865746596_2111367837_n

“I’d say my strong point to begin with was my grappling and ground work because of judo. But I’ve worked solidly on my stand up for almost two years now, and I’d like to think I’m a good well rounded fighter now.”

Fighting Her Way Through School
Haynes is currently enrolled at a University studying for a degree in children’s nursing but states that her goal is to one day soon be able to train and fight full time professionally. “It’s hard! But nothing worth having comes easy! It gets abit tiring sometimes trying to juggle things but I have a kind of routine to it all so I just get on with it.”

Between studying, attending classes, being a single mother and training MMA she does not have time for employment so she receives a NHS student bursary as all nurses do.

“I struggle if I’m honest , but that’s why I’m doing these things now so that hopefully in the future il be comfortable. I’m hoping when I turn pro sponsors and things can help me out abit with training costs. My dad’s really supportive and he’s always helped me out as long as he can see I’m trying to help myself!”

A Couple That Fights Together Stays Together
“My boyfriend is a massive support to me. He trains with me and fights too,” Haynes said.

The boyfriend, Jai Herbert has finished off eight of his nine opponents.

“We should be turning pro same time; double trouble,” Haynes jokes.

Judo Jaye Haynes’ Fight Record
Decemember 2013 – Armbar submission win over Liana Tunmer at 1:27 of Round 1 at ECC 2 Banned in Manchester, England.

May 2014 – Armbar submission win over Michelle Baron at 1:57 of Round 1 at Battle Arena in Northampton.

September 27, 2014 – TKO win over Fernanda Araujo at 0:38 in Round 1 at Fighters Source ‘Team UK vs Team USA”


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