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Kunlun Fight 70 results Competitors advance in tournament

Kunlun Fight 70 results – Competitors advance in tournament

Kunlun Fight returned as the first show of Lunar 2018 on Sunday, March 11 at the Mangrove Tree Resort in Sanya, Jiyang,China. The Kunlun Fight 70 event featured the staple tournament, world’s biggest 64-man Clash of Titans in 2018. Eight fighters from around the world clashed for the right to enter the next phase of the tournament.

Complete Kunlun Fight 70 results below:

1.Saeid Chahardouli defeated Zhichun Baotong via a points decision.

2.Hu Yafei defeated Shintaro Matsukura via a points decision.

3.Victor Nagbe defeated Elam Chavez via a points decision.

4.Wang Kehan defeated Laetitia Madjene via a points decision.

5️.Victor Nagbe defeated Hu Yafei via a 3rd round ‘TKO’ stoppage.

6.Law Chosing defeated Sammy Banchamek via a 2nd round knockout.

7️.Mark Abelardo defeated Yi Zha via a points decision.

8️.Feng Xingli defeated Michael Krcmar via a points decision.

9️.Yohann Drai defeated Nikola Cimesa via an extension round points victory.

10.Kenta Yamada defeated Feng Lei via a points decision.

1️1.Bagautdin Abasov defeated Hasiter via a 1st round knockout.

1️2.Wang Wenfeng defeated Giorgi Khupenia via a points decision.

1️3.Wei Ninghui versus Jordan Kranio ended in Ext. R Draw.

1️4.Yohann Drai defeated Feng Xingli via a points decision.

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