I suffer from back pain so I gave Kyrobak a shot – Product Review here

Millions of people around the globe suffer from back pain on a regular basis. I, like many of you reading this, wanted to find a solution.  While searching online for a remedy I found a product called Kyrobak. I experience low back pain daily, and can likely be attributed to my younger days while running in the Marine Corps.  I often have to crack my back to adjust the spine position in order to provide relief.

I began using Kyrobak the day it arrived at my house.  I tried the product 2-3 times a day but waited a full 10-days before I formed an official opinion.  I wanted to see if what I was experiencing would have a lasting effect and if it could be a product I would recommend to those in the mixed martial arts community.kyrobak

Essentially Kyrobak is a product that you can use in the comfort of your own home.  It looks like a massager that you lay down on with your knees elevated above your body. It is actually much more than just a massager however.  The Kyrobak device focuses on the lower extremities, particularly the pelvic region.

The process takes roughly ten minutes to complete start to finish.  It can be a challenge to figure out how to properly position your body as it does feel like an awkward position.  You knees are straight up in the air while your bottom is scooted down towards the elevated part of the product and your back lays flat atop a tiny board.  I found myself maneuvering often, trying to find where I thought I was supposed to be feeling relief from the Kryobak.

Once I did find the sweet spot, I was beginning to feel some relief in my hip areas as it massaged two spots continuously in the small of back.  What I realized was that it really wasn’t “massaging” but rather almost elongating or opening up the spine area.  This to me was unique as I had not experienced that with a regular massager.

I have researched others’ reviews online and while many say the Kyrobak provided little or no relief, I cannot fully count it out at this time.  The only gripe that I find with the product as a consumer is the cost.  I have purchased full body massagers with a variety of options to include pattern and speed changes as well as heat.  Those were not nearly as costly as the $300 price tag that comes with Kyrobak.  With that being said, let’s get into how it works and where you can buy the Kyrobak.

How Kyrobak works

Per the Kyrobak website:

“Kyrobak mimics natural movement. Kyrobak is designed to move your spine in the same range of motion you would experience when walking at a steady pace. CPM technology brings motion to your spine, allowing the vertebrae to open up and decompress.

“Continuous Passive Motion. CPM technology is a standard treatment in sports health and rehabilitation clinics around the world. After surgery or during regular exercise, passive motion is provided to patients to keep their muscles and joins moving, which allows the patients to loosen and continue movement themselves.

Oscillation Therapy

“While lying down, the unique Oscillation Therapy mimics the activity your back would typically undergo while walking. Beginning at the sacrum (base of the spine), small, slow and steady passive movements work designed to sooth and relax. This is done without strain or resistance to your back muscles.”


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