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Nathan Kelly Praises SBG Ireland After Win in PFL 8

Nathan Kelly and Damion Nelson put on one of the most entertaining showcase bouts that went to a decision at The Theater in Madison Square Garden. The first night of the PFL Playoffs on Friday had all the semi-final bouts end with finishes, but the tone may have been set with Kelly’s win over Nelson as the opening bout for that portion of the night.

Even though it was not a finish, the fight was tougher than expected Kelly told media in attendance afterward, but it made the win all the better and he was pleased with how it went. 

“He was good. I actually underestimated him a little bit,” said Kelly. “ I thought my skill level was way better than his but he surprised me. I fight like I was a little bit off, but still, you get 30-27 on the judges score cards, and having an off night is good in my terms and overall, I’m really happy with my performance.”

Kelly is on a five-fight win streak, 3-0 since coming to the PFL and fighting in Madison Square Garden seemed to be a bit surreal for Kelly when he opened up about where his fighting career has brought him since he joined SBG Ireland.

“Two years ago, I was a manager of a supermarket in Ireland, I had a few rough patches in my life with depression fast-forward two years and I’m fighting here in Madison Square Garden, winning all the rounds. So, I’m pretty proud of myself.”

As he should be. 

Kelly went on to give praise to his gym, his coach John Kavanagh and the values they all share for competition. He added, “We’re all pushing it in the gym, every single day. All dedicated to our craft.”

It’s no secret that Conor McGregor is from that gym and Kelly credited him with paving the way for the fighters from there to do great things. Check out the media full scrum after his win above. 


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