Pedro Munhoz plans to make Aljamain Sterling pay for PED comments

Pedro Munhoz plans to make Aljamain Sterling pay for PED comments

At UFC 238 the vacant bantamweight title is on the line, but also on the card is a number one contender fight to many. That fight is between Pedro Munhoz and Aljamain Sterling who have gone back-and-forth with each other in interviews and on social media.

Sterling has been calling Munhoz a cheater for his PED use, which the Brazilian is not happy about and now plans on making the American pay for those comments.

“He’s already giving an excuse for the loss,” Munhoz told the media during UFC 237 weekend. “My case, what I had was five or four years ago, before USADA. It was a mess. We were fighting [for] like eight months. It was a mess, we spent a lot of money to prove my innocence. They couldn’t find any substance, the only thing they say was that my testosterone level was higher than the other fights I did.

“I’ve been tested [by USADA] over 20 times. If he’s saying that, he’s a bitch, and June 8 he’s going to pay for it. I say what it is, for guys that act like a bitch I call them like a bitch. The guys that don’t, I don’t have no reasons to say that. I’m not a trash talker, but when someone is talking, I hope you have a proof that he’s saying that… Because I don’t go on Twitter at all because Twitter is a bunch of bitches that f*cking go down and tweet a bunch of sh*t. I focus always on myself and if he’s doing that he’s a bitch and June 8 he’s going to pay for it.”

The two continue to go trade shots on social media about PED use, which is only adding more fuel to the fire for June 8 when the two can settle their differences inside the Octagon.

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