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Rakim Thorpe plans on getting his first finish at Southwest MMA Series XXVIII

At Southwest MMA Series XXVIII, Rakim Thorpe will represent JacksonWink MMA for the second time. Even though he won the first bout his confidence is on a new level after having a full camp.

“I kind of always stay ready, cause you never know what kind of opportunity could arise.  So, I’ve been in camp for 12 weeks. I’m feeling stronger, feeling like the best martial artist I’ve ever been since transitioning to Jackson’s (JacksonWink MMA). So, I’m ready to show the world what I can do, but I also want to see what I can do myself. I want to see my improvement and I want to see how I’m going to react in there, with a full camp under my belt.”

June 8th, the opponent is Jeremy Alba. Thorpe says, “He’s 6”1’, he knows Jiu Jitsu. He’s out of El Paso, Texas. This is my third opponent over six feet. I’m 2-0. I’m not worried. I’m going to take it to him.”

“Epic man, I plan on getting my first finish. I’m not going to tell you how. I’m gonna go out there, read and react. I’m gonna show you what kind of martial artist I am,” said the New Jersey native about the performance he expects to have.

What the full interview with Rakim Thorpe at the top of the page.

Southwest MMA Series

Current line up for  Southwest MMA Series 28

  • Jess Martinez vs. Josh Altum
  • Frank Baca vs. TBD
  • Rakim Thorpe vs. Jeremy Alba
  • Aaron Reese vs. Andre Mitchell
  • Mario Moore vs. Billy Ray Valdez
  • Keith Dawson vs. CJ Boston
  • Korey Windham vs. Dylan Locke
  • Derrick Pringle vs. Jacobo Martos
  • Luis Rivera Santiago vs. Shane Jackson
  • Ty Miller vs. TBD


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