Tatiana Suarez

Tatiana Suarez willing to give up title shot so Rose Namajunas can get rematch

At UFC 237, Rose Namajunas was looking to defend her strawweight title in Brazil against Brazilian Jessica Andrade. There, Namajunas was picking the challenger apart the entire first round. Then, in the second, Andrade lifted up Namajunas and slammed her on her head which knocked her out cold. Just like that Andrade was the new champion.

Following the fight, many wanted to see an immediate rematch. But, the thought process was the winner of Tatiana Suarez vs. Nina Ansaroff at UFC 238 would decide who gets the next title shot. However, Suarez says if she wins she wouldn’t mind if they bypassed her and gave Namajunas a rematch.

“If she wants that rematch, I think she deserves it,” Suarez said to MMA Junkie. “I’ll wait. I don’t mind. I’ll fight whoever. I’ve never turned down any of the fights they’ve given to me.”

Why she would do that is simple. Tatiana Suarez believes Rose Namajunas deserves it and was winning the fight. But, it is not known if Namajunas wants to rematch and fight for the belt again.

“I think she’s an amazing fighter,” Suarez said. “I love watching Rose fight. She’s truly a great mixed martial artist, and I hope she does stay, because I think she’s a really amazing fighter. But if her heart’s not in it, we won’t see the same Rose Namajunas.

“These camps, and this sport is really difficult. People don’t understand. They can say whatever they want on social media, but they don’t know what it’s like to live this life. It’s a very tough one. A lot of your relationships, it takes its toll on your relationships, your family life. It’s all about fighting all the time, whether or not it’s physically. She’s been doing this for 10 years, so ultimately she’s a veteran. That’s why she’s so great. That’s why she was a champion.”

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