Randine Eckholm

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Randine Eckholm on Nadine Mandiau “Not anyone that I’m looking past”

Randine Eckholm clashes with Nadine Mandiau at BYB 15: Broward Brawl on February 3rd.

Eckholm appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss her debut in the BYB Trigon, goals ahead, this next fight, plus so much more! Excerpts from our chat are below.

Randine Eckholm

Eckholm’s BYB debut taking place two weight classes up and on ten days’ notice

“It was at 145 and I thought in my mind yeah, I guess I’m a bigger person. I walk around bigger so I should be able to do this. But fighting somebody who’s cutting to 145 when you walk around at just under 145 is not the same as fighting someone if you’re not also cutting to that weight. So I just bit off more than I can chew a little bit with that one and we’re returning back down to 125 where I belong. I think that’s going to make a huge improvement as well.”

Eckholm’s aim to one day cement herself as a bare-knuckle boxing champion and perhaps even in a higher-weight division

“Absolutely, that’s an express goal. That, I can write that down. Friggin (Paty) Juarez and (Monica) Medina can take note too. No disrespect to either one of them but I’ve got my eye on them. That’s who I want to fight, that’s what I want. So that’s my goal.”

BYB 15: Broward Brawl

Eckholm’s thoughts on tape studying for an opponent who is making their bare-knuckle debut

“I’ve always fought in a lot of different disciplines. Between kickboxing, MMA, and now bare knuckle so yeah. A lot of other fighters do the same. So when you go to look up footage on them, you may find footage of them doing an MMA match but you’re going to do a boxing match with them. It doesn’t seem relevant but it’s still relevant. It’s still how they’re going to approach you, it’s still how they fight. You can read their aggression, you can read how do they react to being hit? What do they like? What do they favor?”

“Which movements do they prefer, what do they always tend to do? What seems to be a habitual thing for them? Everything is of value that I can watch on her. So yeah, there’s a lot of things out there for her to watch on me but I think that there’s more for me to watch on her. So I probably have the upper hand on that. But she’s been in there for a long time and been through a variety of promotions; Bellator, LFA…. She’s not anyone that I’m looking past, that’s for sure.”

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