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Karolina Sobek

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Karolina Sobek on Senna van der Veerdonk “We’ll make a fight”

It’s week two in this 2023 series and the women’s featherweights take center stage to vie for a contract with the Professional Fighters League. A judging panel is in place to determine who punches their ticket to the regular season. The other bouts at 145 pounds include Michelle Montague vs Shaquita Amador Woods, Jeslen Mishelle vs Evelyn Martins, and Amanda Leve vs Naranjargal Tsendayush.

Sobek’s thoughts on PFL relatively recently prioritizing their featherweight women’s division

“So Karolina says that it’s a big opportunity to fight for PFL. Because it’s a big federation and she wants to fight with the best of the world. Also, Karolina says that she wants the contract for the tournament. So that’s all and we show it on the 3rd of February.”

Sobek’s tape studying in this camp and her thoughts on her next opponent, Senna van der Veerdonk

“Karolina says that she look also with me (her coach)…. We’ve seen her and we know that she’s a very good Judo fighter but we train. We start the preparation in September so it’s a long preparation. It doesn’t matter if she’s Judo fighter, it’s an MMA fight. Yes, it’s an MMA fight, we go and we’ll make a fight. We will see on February.”

PFL Challenger Series 10

The experience Sobek had fighting in bare-knuckle MMA

“So bare-knuckle was for Karolina a very big adventure and she said that maybe in the future when someone gives Karolina an opportunity to fight in bare-knuckle, she will make it. Because as I say, it was a very big adventure and she like it. She like it but now, the risk is too much for the fight because Karolina is focused on MMA career.”

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