Scott Hudson

Scott Hudson On BTC 8 Title Fight With Jarel Askew

Scott Hudson locks horns with Jarel Askew in a super lightweight championship bout for BTC Fight Promotions. Hudson aims to make his first successful title defense at Scotia Bank Center in Niagara Falls, Ontario. It’s one of a few title bouts slated to go at BTC 8: Eliminator. The fight card goes down on Saturday, November 30th. Check out my latest Canadian fighter feature below!


Scott Hudson has been on the bulk of the cards that BTC Fight Promotions have put on. He does have a reasonable excuse for not being able to get on BTC 7. Hudson stated, “It went really well. We got married in August. Yeah, it was fantastic. I had a good reason to bow out of the one event. The lone BTC event I haven’t been on.”

Hudson is preparing for his next prizefight at Parabellum MMA as are a number of fighters on the BTC 8 card. He quipped, “Parabellum, always with the pro team there. It’s really something special when everybody’s gearing up for fights around the same time. Everybody’s giving me really good looks. It can be difficult sometimes when people are not coming around as much as you’d like. I don’t usually have that problem but it can be dicey sometimes.”

In this 165 lb title defense, Hudson will stand opposite Jarel Askew. Askew is seasoned on a couple of circuits, most notably on Alaska FC where he was the promotion’s welterweight champion. When asked about his opponent’s skillset, Hudson quipped “He’s a quality opponent. We were looking, hopefully to get a fight with someone similar to him. He’s got relatively the same record as me. Some ok, quality fights on his record. He comes from a strong camp. We were looking for something that’s going to be challenging. 

Scott Hudson

When I interviewed Scott Hudson post-fight after his BTC 6 title-winning effort, he described himself as “happy as a pig in shit”. The mentality heading into the fight as a defending champion is not different than his normal mindset heading into the cage though. Nothing has shifted in that regard for Handsome Scott Hudson.

Scott Hudson said, “To be honest with you, I don’t really put too much stock into being the champion. No disrespect towards the accomplishment or anything but it’s just another fight. Like I just expect my career progression to get more difficult. Get a little bit harder fights. I want a higher level of competition to keep going up.”

Hudson knows quite well about the years of dormancy on the Ontario MMA scene. Hudson remembers those times but appreciates both where Ontario MMA is at and has a localized appreciation for where BTC 8 is going down. He said, “There was some dark days where it was just…..The system wasn’t set up to support promotions.” Hudson continued, “I think it’s great that it’s in Niagara Falls. I know that we have a lot of guys on our team that travel from Niagara on a regular basis to come train with us. So they are going to have a chance to fight at home for the first time.”

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