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Sexyama, several other MMA fighters, part of Physical: 100 cast on NetFlix

The first Netflix Korean survival reality series called Physical: 100 is now available to stream. Think “Squid Games” but nobody dies.

Created by Jang Ho-gi, the show puts all manner of contestants into challenges against each other in an attempt to find a winner, who walks away with roughly $250,000.

There’s everyone from Olympians to MMA fighters, gymnasts, car salesmen, military servicemembers, and more. Each contestant is unique and has their own extraordinary physical features.

Let’s get physical
It’s the survival of the fittest

100 competitors from all walks of life
Who has the “perfect” physique?

A survival reality series, only on Netflix

Here are your 100 competitors:

01. Choo Sung Hoon ‘Sexyama’
MMA Fighter, Judoka

02. Yun Sung Bin
National Team Skeleton Racer

03. Yang Hak Seon
National Team Gymnast

04. Agent H
YouTuber, Former UDT/SEAL

05. Caro
CrossFitter, YouTuber

06. Hong Beom Seok
YouTuber, Former ROK Army 707th & Firefighter

07. Jjang Jae
YouTuber, Former UDT/SEAL

08. Shim Eu Ddeum
YouTuber, Former Competitive Fitness Model

09. Kim Kang Min

10. Song A Reum

11. Cha Hyun Seung
Dancer, Model

12. Lee Yong Seung
Bodybuilder, YouTuber

13. Kim Ye Hyun
Bodybuilder, Former Fencer

14. Kang Han
National Team Bobsledder

15. Kim Sung Jun
Fitness Model

16. Kim Sung Hun
Personal Trainer, Fitness Model

17. Son Hee Chan
Ssireum Wrestler

18. Son Hee Dong

19. Kim Ji Han
Volleyball Player

20. Yun Seok Hwan
National Team Swimmer

21. Kim Kyung Jin
Farmer, YouTuber

22. YOYO

23. Nam Kyung Jin
National Team Wrestler

24. Kwak Myung Sik

25. Carlos

26. Park Jung Ho
Correctional Officer

27. Jang Seong Min
National Team Rugby Player

28. Kim Chun Ri

29. Kkang Mi
YouTuber, Former ROK Army 707th

30. An Da Jeong

31. Park Min Ji
Ssireum Wrestler

32. Jang Eun Sil
National Team Wrestler

Food Business CEO, YouTuber, Former Bodybuilder

34. Ma Sun Ho

35. Kang Chun Il
Pilates Instructor, Dancer

36. Park Hyung Geun
MMA Fighter

37. Jo Jin Hyeong
Car Dealer, Strongman Athlete

38. Miracle Nelson
Dancer, Model, Bodybuilder

39. Kim Ji Wook
National Team Diving Athlete

40. Seong Chi Hyun
Casino Dealer, Fitness Model

41. Yoo Sang Hoon
MMA Fighter

42. Joo Dong Jo
MMA Fighter

43. Lee Guk Young
Musical Actor, Dancer, Bodybuilder

44. Choi Hyun Mi

45. Lee Ju Hyung
Ice Hockey Player

46. Seo Ha Yan
CrossFit Coach

47. Jeong Bo Kyeong
National Team Judoka

48. Choi Kyu Tae
Model, Dancer

49. Choi Min Yong
Marathon Runner

50. Dustin Nippert
Baseball Player

51. Choi In Ho
Strongman Athlete, Personal Trainer

52. Florian Krapf
Fitness Model, YouTuber

53. Kim Gil Hwan
Scuba Diver, YouTuber

54. Kim Min Cheol
Mountain Rescue Team, National Team Ice Climber

55. Kim Byeong Jin
National Team Taekwondo Athlete

56. Kim Sang Wook
MMA Fighter

57. Kim Eun Ji
Competitive Fitness Model, YouTuber

58. Kim Jeong Uk
Fitness Model, Bodybuilder

59. Vita Mikju
Pole Sports Athlete

60. Park Seon Kwan
National Team Swimmer

61. Park Jong Hyeok
Fitness Model, Coach

62. Park Jin Yong
National Team Luger

63. Bang Seong Hyeok
Personal Trainer

64. Bang Ji Hoon

65. Tarzan
Travel YouTuber

66. Seol Ki Kwan
National Team Bodybuilder

67. Shin Dong Guk
Firefighter, MMA Fighter, Former ROK Army Special Forces

68. Shin Bo Mi Rae

69. Shin Se Gae

70. DBO

71. Austin Kang
Chef, TV Personality

72. Woo Jin Yong
CrossFitter, Former Snowboarder & Coach

73. Yu Ga Ram
Inline Skater

74. Youn Jun Hyeoup

75. Lee Da Hyeon
Ssireum Wrestler

76. Lee Dae Won
Trot Singer, MMA Fighter

Who won Pressure Cooker season 1?
77. Lee So Young
54-Year-Old Fitness Model

78. Lee Jun Myeong
Calisthenics Coach

79. Miho
Personal Trainer

80. Elaine
Actress, TV Personality

81. Jeon Min Seok
Korea Coast Guard

82. Jeon Young
Movie Choreographer

83. Jeong Han Saem
Musical Actor, Model

84. Jung Hae Min

85. Ovan

86. Cho Jung Myung
National Team Luger

87. Chae Wan Ki
Jiu-Jitsu Athlete

88. Ha Je Yong
Powerlifting Athlete, Former Arm Wrestler

89. Hwang Bit Yeo Ul

90. Kim Kyeong Baek
Former UDT Drill Instructor

91. Kim Da Young

92. Kim Sik
National Team Skeleton Coach, Former Bobsledder

93. Lee Min U

94. Lee Ye Ji
MMA Fighter

95. Im Jeong Yun
College Student, Fitness Model

96. Jo Yeon Joo

97. Jo I Taek

98. Choi Sung Hyuk
Pole Sports Athlete

99. Ko Da Young
Pilates Instructor

100. Park Ji Su
Bodybuilder, National Team Rugby Player

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