aliens Spencer Fisher

Spencer Fisher Talks Grandfather’s Influence, Interest in Aliens and Leaving ‘Heart in the Middle of the Cage’

aliens Spencer Fisher

Tony Reid – Taking a look back at your career what is your single favorite memory inside the Octagon?

Spencer Fisher – “It has to be the third Sam Stout fight at the UFC on FX 4. Everybody said I lost a step but I thought I showed that I can still fight with the most elite kickboxers in the division and win. I think I did just that. I am not a wrestler and it showed there again. It’s my kryptonite.”

Tony Reid – If you could choose one fight from your career that every fan should see which one would you choose and why?

Spencer Fisher – “There have been so many. In the UFC, I would pick my fights with Sam Stout…all of them. I would say my best fight ever was my fight with Josh Neer. That was a five round fight. There were flying knees, spinning elbows and ground and pound. He beat the hell out of me and I beat the hell out of him. It was a good fight.”

Tony Reid – Who is the one guy, hypothetically speaking, that you would have wanted to fight and why?

Spencer Fisher – “Yeah, there are a lot of those guys. I think a good fight for me at 145 would have been Leonard Garcia. We were supposed to fight at one point but it got bumped around. That guy brings it and it would have been fireworks. In the Heavyweight division Cain Velasquez was a monster. He’s fast, he’s explosive and he’s just awesome. He is the guy I would want to fight at heavyweight if I put on a few pounds.”

Tony Reid – After all the time you spent in the sport what is the one thing people still might not know about you?Spencer Fisher

Spencer Fisher – “I am into aliens. I’m not saying its alien but it’s alien. I love hunting, too. I believe, well my wife hates when I say this, but I’m into all the alien shows, all the past civilization stuff. I’m kind of a dork when it comes to that stuff.”

Tony Reid – Who are the people that inspire you most?

Spencer Fisher – “In my family my grandfather raised me after my mother died. He had a not quit attitude and took on everything. He took on ten kids, my sisters and myself and raised us. His attitude on life was that nothing was too big to overcome. I really admire him for that. The work ethic that man had was second to none, so that’s my grandfather.”

Tony Reid – Being such a huge pro wrestling fan, talk about how the showmanship side of pro wrestling in general and guys like Ric Flair specifically influenced you over the years. Give me our best Ric Flair “Woo!”

Spencer Fisher – “Ric Flair is my favorite…Woo! Ric Flair is by far the best entertainer ever. I remember I saw him as a kid in Asheville, North Carolina. My mom used to take me to all the events. I had a Sting shirt on and I went over to Ric Flair and said ‘Mr. Flair you are my favorite wrestler.’ He looked at my shirt and said “Yeah, I bet I am!” I actually saw him again after I had been in the UFC for awhile and I couldn’t even talk, my knees were shaking.”

Tony Reid – Being such a huge pro wrestling fan, can you talk about the showmanship side of that sport that you have brought into the Octagon?

Spencer Fisher – “Its funny because in couple of my fights I have hit people and wooed, I’ve done the Rick James slap, but I always wanted to cover up and just chop somebody. It never happened but I have dry humped guys, I have wooed and smacked guys.”

Tony Reid – Speaking of pro wrestling what are your thoughts on the crossover of fighters to pro wrestling and pro wrestlers into fighting?

Spencer Fisher – “As far as sports entertainment is concerned Brock Lesnar truly is something special. I think he is amazing but he’s still no Ric Flair. I don’t know if that answers the question.”

Tony Reid – How do you want to be remembered by the fans of the sport and the MMA community in general?

Spencer Fisher – “I want to be remembered as the guy who always left his heart in the middle of the cage. I want to fight, not just for myself, but I want to fight for every person who bought a ticket and I want them to feel that they got their money’s worth. I tried to always bring it. You will never see a boring Spencer Fisher fight.”

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