Stellar Fights 41 live results - William Mondragon vs James Lyons

Stellar Fights 41 live results – William Mondragon vs James Lyons

The first state of Delaware’s dominant MMA promotion; Stellar Fights, is back in a big way Saturday, April 26th with Stellar Fights 41. The organization returns to its second home venue in Hockessin, the P.A.L. Center, to host the promotions outstanding 41st show since its inception. Promoter, Brad Dalton has outdone himself this time with three titles on the line with some of the tri-state area’s biggest hitters!

In the eigth bout of the evening, the fiery finisher, Ben Coyle is set to defend his bantamweight title against Matt Hicks which Coyle has stated on record his intentions to “smash” his opponent, Hicks within the distance. However, I’m sure Hicks doesn’t see this bout going the same as his foe Coyle envisions it, which will make for an interesting scrap to see who comes out on top.

In the co-main event of the evening, the 170lb K1 title is up for grabs as the hard hitting Taylor McMahan takes on the war tank that is Dave Buettner. Both of these fighters have come out of their previous Stellar contests, winning in spectacular fashion, which makes this fight a candidate for fight of the night. Both of these warriors come for blood, and neither stray until they smell it in the water.

In the main event of the evening, the submission specialist, James “Lionheart” Lyons defends his featherweight title against William Mondragon. These two warriors shared wins at Stellar Fights 40, locking this must see main event for tonight’s viewing. Neither fighter think too highly of the other’s gamesmanship, nor talents and tonight’s main event fight will find out who is the dominant featherweight in the tristate area.

Stellar Fights 41 Results:

Main Event) Stellar Fights Featherweight MMA Title: William Mondragon vs James Lyons

Round 1: Lyons leads with some low kicks to feel his opponent out. Mondragon throws a single leg kick in retaliation, which Lyons catches and follows in for the takedown. Once the bout hits the ground, It’s all Lyons as he quickly takes his opponents back and searches for the neck. He secures what he wants with the rear naked choke and its just a matter of time before Mondragon is forced to tap.

Winner: James Lyons (1:27 into round 1 via rear naked choke)

Co-Main Event) 170 lbs Stellar Fights K1 Title: Taylor McMahan vs Dave Buettner

Round 1: Neither fighter wastes time with McMahan landing thunderous leg kickes. Buettner comes forward with some strikes of his own but McMahan is landing the quicker, and harder punches of the two fighters. McMahan’s pin point and precise accuracy is leaning the round in his favor, but Buettner refuses to give up and charges forward with his own shots to stay active during a heated battle.

Round 2: Buettner landed a right hook which looks like it stuns McMahan but McMahan presses forward with his quickness which is starting to steer the fight in McMahans favor. Buettner is attempting to bully McMahan with his size and strength but McMahans handspeed, powerful leg kicks and accuracy takes off toward the end of the round as McMahan starts throwing at will to Buettner whom is backed against the cage, causing the referee to intervene for a standing 8 count. Buettner answers the call but the damage is done as the round draws to a close.

Round 3: McMahan picks up where he left off firing straight shots down the middle to Buettner. Buettner answers back with a looping overhand right that finds its mark but McMahan walks right through it and charges Buettner with a vicious combination that takes fire away from Buettner as his defense withers, which causes the referee to intervene again for another standing 8 count. Buettner gets right back in the contest with some more overhand rights and brutal leg kicks that are finding their mark late in the round as the round draws to a close with both fighters landing accurately and brutally.

Round 4: Buettner charges forward which seems to be the “on switch” for McMahan, because every time Buettner throws, McMahan is answering with 3-5 shots on average. Buettner throws some hammering kicks to the side which find their mark with intent. McMahan, however stays on Buettner and finishes the round strong with crisp, precise punches.

Round 5: Buettner knows he is behind on points and comes out viciously. McMahan meets his opponent, fire with fire and both fighters seemingly mutually agree to get to the bottom of this fight with a slugfest and do just that for the final minutes of the last round with fight of the night written all over this bout.

Winner: Taylor McMahan via unanimous decision.

Bout 8) Stellar Fights Bantamweight MMA Title: Matt Hicks vs Ben Coyle

Round 1: These fighters wasted no time exchanging, center cage with Coyle landing leg kicks that spun his poonent in a full 360. However, Hicks, staying game, fired away with a straight right that dropped Coyle in his tracks. Coyle bounces up and starts firing back as if nothing happened and the fighters return to war. Hicks utilizes his reach to stay away from Coyles attacks and ends the round with a takedown on Coyle. Coyle scrambled for submissions, but to no avail as Hicks finished the round peppering on top.

Round 2: The fighters return to action with Hicks keeping at range and throwing straight punches from the outside. Hicks takes the contest to the floor and starts the peppering on top of Coyle. Coyle throws his legs up for an armbar, but Hicks picks up his oppoent and slams him to the canvas and picks his shots as he bully’s Coyle on the mat by standing up and coming down with punches time and time again to close the round.

Round 3: Both fighters look fresh as they take to the center cage and exchange punches carelessly. Both fighters are landing their respective strikes with neither fighter backing down. After a straight minute of a stand up slugfest, Hicks has had enough and takes Coyle to the ground and pins him against the cage where he starts to pepper Coyle with punches to the head. Coyle regains his footing briefly, but Hicks stays on Coyle and drags him to the mat again, landing in side mount. With 10 seconds left, Hicks postures up and rains small punches to Coyle to put a stamp on the round.

Round 4: Coyle starts the round with an overhand right that finds its mark and tries to follow up but narrowly misses. Hicks, not feeling the standup charges Coyle against the cage and drags him to the mat, yet, again. After gaining side control, Hicks postures up and begins to rain down punches until getting what he wants amidst a scramble trapping Coyles leg and locking a leg kimura to force Coyle to tap.

Winner: Matt Hicks (2:31 into the 4th via round leg kimura)

Bout 7) Bantamweight MMA: Matthew Santos vs Hiroshi Hayashi

Round 1: Both fighters exchange jabs to open the contest. Hayashi is the first to commit with a straight right. Santos charges forward but as the fighters lock up, Santos attempts a hip toss which Hayashi saw and used to take his opponents back. Hayashi secures the back but isn’t able to gain a submission as his foe scrambles back to his feet. Hayashi stays the more active fighter with Santos looking to counter to close the round.

Round 2: Hayashi throws a leg kick which narrowly misses, and as he spins, Santos charges forward trying to gain the edge. Both fighters engage in a rife slugfest until the bout hits the floor for a moment. The fighters stand back up with Hayashi waking his opponent to the cage and dragging him to the floor where he follows with ferocious ground and pound. During a scramble, Santos is able to catch a guillotine which looks close, but Hayashi fights through it, regains posture and begins to punish his opponent to the side of the head as he had back control to close the round.

Round 3: Hayashi throws a few lobbing strikes with nothing significantly landing. Santos closes the distance and walks Hayashi to the cage and drags him to the ground. Santos’ corner is screaming that he “has no time” and for their fighter to do something as the action comes to a halt on the ground. Hayashi tries to regain position and scramble to his feet, but is in no danger on the ground, whatsoever, and closes the round trying to get back to his feet.

Winner: Hiroshi Hayashi via Majority Decision

Bout 6) Welterweight MMA: Marc Lewis vs Mitch Rendueles

Round 1: The fighters start off with a heavy exchange with Lewis switching levels quickly and firing away with ground and pound. Rendueles throws his legs up looking for an arm bar, but is easily nullified by Lewis who regains position and begins punching down on Rendueles to close the round.

Round 2: Lewis opens with a leg kick to which Redueles returns with a narrowly missed head kick. Lewis fires a straight right down the middle which backs Rendueles up. Rendueles changes levels on Lewis which left a clear opening during a scramble for Lewis to gain full mount and start raining down punches. Rendueles suffered through an onslaught trying his best to defend himself, but after the referee warned him to show something, Lewis kept the pressure on until the ref saw enough to wave a halt to the contest.

Winner: Mark “Warchild” Lewis (TKO at 2:17 of round 2)

Bout 5) Heavyweight MMA: Greg Valasco vs Greg White

Round 1: Both fighters exchange leg kicks and follow up exchanging jabs. Valasco took the fight to the ground which was the beginning of the end for White. Valasco flattened his opponent out and started raining heavy ground and pound to the side of Whites head, but to much of the crowds surprise, Valasco pops up, takes Whites arm and cranks it back for the finale of the bout, ending via Arm bar

Winner: Greg Valasco (Armbar at 2:35 of round 1)

Bout 4) 180lbs K1: Brock Roderick vs Eric Chase

Round 1: These fighters have a slight feeling out process but then go to work. Chase is the taller fighter to Roderick and utilizes his reach beautifully when he’s able to stay outside of Redericks blasting body punches and brutal leg kicks. The opening stanza was back and forth and difficult to call with neither fighter lacking action.

Round 2: The action picks up as these kickboxers press forward meeting each other in the center of the cage to start exchanging. Roderick lands a straight right that dazzles the crowd but Chase shakes off without seemingly damaged. Roderick picks up the pace at the end of the round landing crisp straight punches to Chase’s face which is taking more and more impact as the round closes.

Round 3: Roderick senses an injured fighter in front of him and turns on the gas, landing precise punches, following by chopping the leg of Chase. Chase tried to remain active through the punishment but Rodericks tenacity and pressure was overwhelming, dictating the pace of the closing round until the end.

Winner: Brock Roderick via Unanimous Decision

Bout 3) 130lbs NO GI: Jack Ciafardo vs Nate Shupe

Round 1: Both grapplers engage in the center and start fighting for arm control. The match hits the floor and these young competitors had a ferocious back and forth battle with Shupe getting the better of Ciafardo with back to back submission attempts, sweeps, and scrambles. Shupe’s ferocity and technical prowess was too much for the skills of Ciafardo as Nate “The Great” Shupe locks up a Kimura so relentless and crippling, referee, Steven Baker calls the bout before its too late for Ciafardo.

Winner: Nate “The Great” Shupe (Kimura at 5:39)

Bout 2) 160lbs K1: Mark Laibach vs Doug Addison

Round 1. These fighters waste no time getting to action, trading shots from the opening bell. Laibach utilizes his hooks to get inside the clinch but is met often with uppercuts from Addison. Addison loos comfortable keeping the bout on the outside where he leads with straight rights and heavy body kicks.

Round 2. The Action gets a bit more technical with Addison utilizing his reach from the outside, firing straights to body. Laibach meets Addison with hard counters on the inside. With a round full of action, Addison closes the round with a jab-straight-rear leg round house to the head which drops Laibach in his tracks for the 10 count. Laibach beats the count and returns shots of his own but the damage has been done to render that a 10-8 round for Addison.

Round 3. Addison picks up right where he leaves off with heavy straight punches to lead him inside with brutal body shots which is wearing his opponent down steadily. Addison picks up his pace towards the end of the bout solidifying the points to take home an easy win.

Winner: Doug Addison via unanimous decision

Bout 1) Featherweight MMA: Thomas Salmon vs Lumison Jean

Round 1: Jean lands early in the fight a straight right hand down the middle. The fighters exchange jabs until Jean begins easing into his comfort zone and technically going to work with his pin point striking, landing. Salmon sees a hole in Jeans game with Jean wincing from the onslaught and begins targeting Jeans right eye. Switching from punches to kicks, the round was very close.

Round 2: Jean is still wincing but comes forward in the beginning of the round but Salmon behind going to work switching up and down with his striking and chopping at Jeans leg. Jean gets a takedown mid round and starts firing ground and pound to the head. Salmon finds his way back to his feet and goes to work on Jean who begins to retreat to Salmons striking. At the end of the round, Jean shoots for the takedown but is stuffed by Salmon who brutally starts beating the ribs of Jean until the rounds closing bell.

Round 3: Salmon lands a stiff jab to straight right to start the round and Jean immediately switches levels for the takedown. Salmon searches for submissions which makes Jean second guess going to the ground as Jean stands up. Salmon starts firing straight 1-2’s down the pipe, landing at will, making Jean shoot again…This time, for the last time as Salmon got ahold of Jeans neck and it was a sinking ship for Jean at this point. Salmon switched from position to position, ending with a rear naked choke that forced Jean to tap.

Winner: Thomas Salmon (1:59 into round 3 via Rear Naked Choke)

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