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Ben Coyle to Matt Hicks: “I’m going to smash you!”

Undefeated standout fighter and sheer finisher, Ben Coyle has had four men step up, and has stopped all four within the distance. Coyle, after transitioning to 302 BJJ has seemingly found his home as he has been on an absolute tear as of late. Coming off of an 11-second knockout of Hiroshi Hayashi at Stellar Fights 40…Coyle has a new challenge in Matt Hicks ahead of him as he defends his Stellar Fights Bantamweight title.

Coyle has become a fan favorite in the regional MMA circuit for his “if looks could kill” stare-downs, never being shy for words in letting his opponents explicitly know his malicious intentions. Mixed with his brutal, sheer strength for such a smaller weight class, Coyle has taken off in the amateur circuit and is sure to make his professional debut sooner than later but for now, Matt Hill is on the menu next.

Tune in below as Ben Coyle and I go one on one at 302 BJJ in his Stellar Fights 41 pre fight interview. Coyle and I discuss Hick’s extensive weight cut. Hicks wrestling background. Coyle’s intentions to knock Hicks “the fuck out” and how Coyle has become “a fighter through and through”

Watch it all go down at Stellar Fights on April 27th.  Ticket information here.

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