Stellar Fight 40 Live Results - Two titles are on the line in Delaware

Stellar Fight 40 Live Results – Two titles are on the line in Delaware

Stellar Fights has become Delaware’s staple promotion for premier mixed martial arts action. From starting down in southern Delaware to making their way up northern Delaware, Stellar has promised and delivered the outlet for proper pugilism to the first state time and time again.

Owner and promoter Brad Dalton says “It seems like it all started yesterday.”

Low and behold, tonight at the Harrington Speedway, Dalton is delivering Stellar Fights 40 – This time, an all amateur card to help spread the word of the up and coming athletes, while helping build the prospering amateurs for the next level of their fighting career.

Keep it locked below to your up to the minute live results from MyMMANews from the first bell starting at 6pm EST.


Chris Sperow vs James Lyons (Featherweight championship)

Round 1: Both fighters touch gloves with Sperow landing immediately which has the crowd erupting, “cheap shot”, and Lyons presses forward with the takedown and secures it abruptly. On the ground its a matter of time before Lyons secures Sperow’s back and gets the rear naked choke which had Sperow tapping as quickly as his back is taken.

Winner via rear naked choke at 1:47 into round 1: James “Lyonheart” Lyons

Hiroshi Hayashi vs Ben Coyle (Bantamweight championship)

Round 1: Coyle wastes no time-firing a left hook that dropped Hayashi where he was standing as Coyle follows his wounded opponent to the floor to follow up with two punches to make sure the job was finished properly. The referee comes diving in on the action to call a stoppage with a quickness.

Winner via KO: Ben Coyle at 11 seconds into round 1

Jason Tipaldos vs Taylor Pierce (Featherweight)

Round 1: Pierce begins the contest with a teep kick followed by a rear leg head kick that is narrowly blocked. Tipaldos presses forward and clinches Pierce against the cage with both fighters jockeying for position and kneeing back and forth. Both fighters separate and reset in the middle as Pierce goes back to a teep kick to the jaw followed by his rear leg round house that puts Tipaldos on Queer Street and staggering on his feet. Pierce pushes forward with pinpoint accuracy but Tipaldos is able to withstand it until the first bell sounds.

Round 2: Pierce follows where he left off with the teep kick down the middle, landing crisp. Tipaldos charges forward again looking to clinch Pierce against the cage. Both fighters spend a decent time lobbying back and forth with Pierce landing strikes inside and Tipaldos relying heavy on the takedown which Pierce does a fantastic job thwarting off when Tipaldos switches levels. They reset back in the center to end the round with Pierce landing the cleaner punches and Tipaldos face showing heavy damage.

Round 3: Tipaldos looks to close the distance early but Pierce seems to have his opponents tricks and starts mixing up his punch to kick combinations leaving Tipaldos confused and losing steam quick with the punishment accruing and each shot landing with more force than the last. The referee sees enough to call a halt to the contest as Pierce explodes with emotions from a very decisive victory.

Winner: Taylor Pierce via TKO at 1:40 into round 3

Taylor McMahan vs Austin Fisher (165 lb K1 bout)

Round 1: McMahan begins early with heavy punches and a head kick that looked like it could’ve ended the night early. Fisher weathered the storm and had some of his own clean leg kicks land, but the first round was all Mcmahan with his vicious, heavy and often attacks that kept Fisher confused and badly hurt at the end of the round.

Round 2: McMahan starts in again to the wounded Smith and lands a head kick from hell that has Smith stagger all the way across the cage stumbling into his corner, clearly out on his feet as the referee jumps in to call a halt to the contest.

Winner via KO: Taylor McMahan at 39 seconds into round 2

William Mondragon vs Jaykob Smith (Lightweight)

Round 1: Mondragon lands a clean straight right off the bat that looks to daze Smith. However, Smith was already on his way in for a shot. Mondragon is able to work his way to his feet looking for a standing guillotine which is defended well from Smith. Mondragon stays after the neck of Smith and secures a head and arm choke that looks to have Smith on his way to going out before at the last possible coherent second, Smith tapped to the opposite side of the referee and Mondragon sensing the referee didn’t see, let go as Smith’s eyes showed the tale of finish within a minute of the first round.

Winner : William Mondragon at 57 seconds in the first round via head and arm choke

Zach Krapf vs Ryan Courtney (Welterweight)

Round 1: These fighters waste no time engaging in the center and start trading leather. Both are landing their respective shots until the dust settles and the settle down in their comfort zone. Courtney presses Krapf against the cage. Both fighters are jockeying for position and trading positions but Courtney manages to get the fight to the ground and Krapf quickly recovers position to work his ground and pound. Courtney gets back to his feet and these two athletes systematically enter a chess match going strike for strike until the first bell sounds.

Round 2: Both fighters stand their ground in the middle of the cage as Krapf begins utilizing his reach ability to land 1-2 combos on the shorter fighter. Courtney clinches Krapf against the cage going for the takedown but Krapf is able to reverse Courtney and begins landing heavy shots to Courtneys head as Courtney is looking to get back to his feet from bottom. Courtney gets back to his feet and immediately clinches for the takedown again with Krapf pinned against the cage. Krapf is able to circle at the last second to close the second round.

Round 3: Courtney rushes forward and starts landing punch combinations that have his opponent hurt and Krapf shoots for a takedown which Courtney defends and rides Krapfs back for the remainder of the round looking to secure the rear naked but with too little time to do so and the round draws to a close.

Krapf wins a split decision

Rosendo Granados Leyva vs Devin Soliwoda (170 lb K1 bout)

Round 1: Leyva winds up looking to drop his opponent early but Solioda is able to nullify it and start working his thai clinching abilities by working his way inside with strikes and clinching inside to follow up with knees. Leyva lands a crisp hook that wobbles Soliwoda but Soliwoda smiles to seemingly brush it off. Leyva is starting to tighten up his offence linking his sharp punch combinations to fluid leg kicks to keep Soliwoda guessing to close the round.

Round 2: Leyva starts the round aggressive with a left to the head that almost spins Soliwoda’s head around and Leyva follows with crushing body shots time and time throughout the round as Soliwoda lands minimally to Leyva’s heavy attacks from head to body. The round is all Leyva as his body shots are starting to slow his foe down.

Round 3: Leyva starts in again with the heavy punch combinations to get in close to fire away with his body shots. Soliwoda lands some knees while inside but nothing thus far has phased Leyva as he continues his assault and punishes Soliwoda until the referee called a halt to the contest at 1:19 into the third round.

***Winner of the contest, Rosendo Granados Leyvato to be disqualified, suspended or both due to not having his wraps signed off before the contest***

Mike Turpin vs Gregg White (Heavyweight)

Round 1: Turpin circles his opponent and fires a straight right simultaneously as White and both these heavyweight clashed to the mat as White times Turpins body kick. Both fighters make their way back to their feet after Turpin lands some peppering shots on the ground. It was an absolute brawl as these fighters wound up and swung for the fence the rest of the round. Some shots landing, some missing, but both of these fighters have seemingly come to a mutual agreement that they’ll swing until one of them goes down.

Round 2: Both fighters circle to capture some last minute gasps before entering the center of the cage-warzone where they knew they’d end up eventually, swinging as heavily as they were, loading everything into one punch. White lands a right hand that Drops Turpin as he follows his hurt foe to the floor with some shots to put TUrpin away as the referee waves off the contest.

Winner via TKO at 1:45 into the second round.
Brian Lajoie vs Sergio Andrade (125 lbs K1 bout)

Round 1: Lajoie presses forward early looking to utilize his reach by feeling Andrade out with some straight shots. Andrade is fighting back by slipping punches and firing his own punch combos through the gaps he’s finding in Lajoie. Overall it was a back and forth round with Lajoie being the aggressor and Andrade landing on the inside well.

Round 2: Lajoie is finding his range early on the round with leg kicks landing often followed by his punch combos and his punch combos leading to solid leg kicks. Andrade struggles to find his range but towards the end of the round fires lands a hard straight right that wobbles Lajoie but maybe a little too late in the round as the round bell sounds.

Round 3: Lajoie starts the round quickly and tries his hardest to keep Andrade away but Andrade is catching a second wind and stalking his aggressor now with sraight punch combinations of his own landing. Toward the end of the round the action picks up with both fighters going head to head to get their last impressions on the judges as the bout comes to a close.

Winner via Split decision: Brian Lajoie

Thomas Salmon vs Ben Levin (Featherweight)

Round 1: Both fighters touch gloves and Levin fires a straight right that drops Salmon to the canvas seemingly out but regained composure quickly through Levins advances to follow up with solid ground and pound. Salmon is able to defend well but isn’t able to shake Levin who is scrambling from ground and pound to submissions and coming close to finishing Salmon several times but isn’t able to get the early stoppage Levin had hoped for.

Round 2: Levin lands another overhand right that was reminiscent of the one that dropped his foe in the first round, To Salmons credit, he is withstanding all of Levins punishment and is able to walk through it which has started to unnerve Levin as rolls reverse and Salmon starts finding his own knees inside. Levin is looking for the takedown but Salmon is landing strikes to the body to soften Levin up to close the second round.

Round 3: Both fighters come out swinging for the fences to make sure this bout doesn’t reach the judges scorecards. Salmon drags Levin to the ground and secures a triangle choke while firing away with punches and backfists trying to secure the finish. The round closes with Levin in Salmons triangle.

Winner via majority decision: Ben Levin

John Amos vs Kenny Mason (150 lb catch weight)

Round 1: Mason is able to neutralize the size difference quickly clinching with his opponent and firing away with knees. Some space is created between both fighters and Mason comes blitzing forward with a straight right that dropped Amos right in his tracks. Mason wasted little time to follow up on the wounded Amos as Mason fired punch combinations quickly prompting the referee to call a halt to the contest

Winner via TKO: 1:08 seconds into round 1

Tony Lopez vs Lumison Gene (Featherweight).

Round 1: The round begins with Gene landing a sold straight that Lopez shrugs off. Both fighters have a feeling out process with Gene starting to land more and more countering accurately as Lopez is still seemingly finding his pace. Lopez presses forward and is attempting to get the momentum going but every time he rushes in he’s met with straight punches from Gene. Lopez charges forward into a straight right from Gene that puts him down and Gene pounces on him quickly. With minimal punishment landing, Lopez works his way back to his feet but Gene is landing the far superior shots.

Round 2: This round was all Lumion Gene as he wasted no time picking his opponent apart from the start. Lopez was in the fight but was clearly outmatches by the clever counterstriker, Gene as Gene landed straight 1-2’s to put Lopez on his back and Gene finished the job at 1:02 into round 2.

Winner via TKO at 1:02 into round 2: Limuson Gene

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