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Tony Ferguson says he would beat Oliveira in a rematch with “real training”

Tony Ferguson is looking for his next opponent on social media and nobody is out of his crosshairs.

Tony Ferguson is in a bit of limbo in the lightweight division. His recent loss to Michael Chandler has been a bit of a setback to his title aspirations. That loss was four in a row for Ferguson, but it hasn’t slowed him down. He is still training, still calling out opponents, and still hoping for the biggest fights possible.

Ferguson has a unique style on Twitter and since his last fight has been very active. He posts daily motivational type messages and answers questions from fans. Lately, he has been sending targeted messages to Khabib Nurmagomedov trying to coax him out of retirement for one more fight. When asked by a fan whether he would rather face Nurmagomedov or rematch former champion Charles Oliveira, he gave a very interesting response.

“Nothing personal, but I really didn’t train anything for Charles,” he wrote. “He’s A Good kid who needed a boost. I’ll see him again. Any of them & with real training I win. Khabibi on the other hand would be a fun one the fans would like.”

Ferguson faced Oliveira in 2020 before he became champion. Oliveira was victorious in that fight and later went on to hold the belt. Oliveira has not lost in his last 11 fights, but Ferguson is chalking his loss up to improper training. He believes that if given the chance for a rematch and with proper training, he could beat Oliveira this time around. In the lead-up to his last fight, Ferguson spoke candidly about his troubles with his coaching team. He is now back with his former striking coach Freddie Roach according to his social media.

Following his loss Ferguson has targeted Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier, Nurmagomedov, and now Oliveira. It is unclear who he will be facing next, but either way, Ferguson knows he will be prepared.


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