Boxers Who Famously Love Gambling

Throughout the history of boxing, there have been some truly iconic and memorable boxers, from Sugar Rey Leonard to Roy Jones Jr. Interestingly, a large portion of these fighters are fans of gambling. Some of them gambled in their heyday, whilst many continued into their retirement years.

Interested to learn who they are? Check out the list below. It’s a must-read for all boxing fans!

Floyd Mayweather

It’s well known in the industry: Floyd Mayweather loves to gamble. Why else do you think he’s called Floyd “Money” Mayweather?

Floyd likes to visit land-based casinos, especially in Vegas. After all, this is where he’s had some of his most iconic fights, and with Floyd’s net worth, he can afford to travel to Vegas any time he likes.

In recent years, where the COVID-19 pandemic led to many casinos getting shut down, both boxers and everyday people have started to play casino games online. If you want to join in the fun and live the lifestyle of a boxer, find a great platform and get started. You can look at this ranked list of online casino real money options, compare all the various brands and choose based on your needs.

Unfortunately, it’s not known which online casino Floyd Mayweather uses. However, it’s a guarantee that he plays as often as he can (when he’s not training, of course).

Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya has a notorious history of gambling. He’s regularly been seen in casinos spread throughout the US, and it’s also rumored he has bet on his own fights before.

Surprisingly, Oscar’s favorite casino game is baccarat. In fact, he once gambled $20,000 playing baccarat in a single night, which shows how much he loves it!

Mike Tyson

“Iron Mike” Tyson is considered a hero in the world of boxing. He had an incredible career, taking part in 58 fights and winning 50 of them. Despite now being retired, Mike Tyson still enjoys gambling on special occasions and will often bet on big boxing bouts that he attends.

Many people have reported seeing Mike in various Las Vegas casinos. This isn’t surprising, as he once famously appeared in The Hangover (2009), which is the most famous Las Vegas-based comedy movie of all time.

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury is regarded as the best British fighter of all time. He famously used to gamble at the beginning of his career. However, he has stopped gambling for now as well as drinking alcohol.

When Tyson retires, it remains to be seen whether he will start gambling again.

Vinny Paz

Finally, there’s Vinny Paz.

Vinny Paz is a former lightweight and middle lightweight champion from the 1990s and early 2000s. After fights, Vinny would go to nearby casinos and gamble with his earnings from the match. He was known as a wild character who was known more for his behavior outside of the ring than inside of it!


From Floyd Mayweather to Vinny Paz, boxers have an exciting history with gambling.

Moving into the future, boxing pay-per-views will continue to attract huge viewership numbers, which will drive engagement with gambling.

The next time there’s a big fight on TV, make sure to check it out and try out your gambling skills.

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