Top 6 MMA Fighters Right Now

Top 6 MMA Fighters Right Now

Top 6 MMA Fighters Right Now

Counted among the fiercest contact sports, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is truly a game of guts and glory. There are very few sports which could compare to the grind an MMA fighter has to put into the game.

The popularity of MMA has been on the rise in the recent times especially after the success of the UFC. The game is not just exciting for the fans to watch but also for people betting on the game because of the phenomenal returns that it provides to the investors. Many popular sites like have made betting on the sport easier for new as well as experienced gamblers. MMA betting, like any form of sports betting, is very much about knowing your stuff to ensure that you place only the smartest and most strategic bets possible. Supplementing your own knowledge with the tips and opinions of professionals is the best way to ensure that you win big, though while you’re getting the hang of this, it’s a particularly smart idea to try out a free few bets to allow you to find your own footing in the exciting world of mixed martial arts. But to place your bets for most favorable returns, here is a list of the 6 MMA fighters across divisions, who are making giant leaps in this gruelling sport.

Conor McGregor

With his latest boxing match against Floyd Mayweather, Conor is among the most famous MMA fighters right now. Starting from a humble background, he fought his first UFC match at Madison Square Garden in New York in November 2016. Since then the Irish has been on a roller coaster ride and defeated big fighters like Nate Diaz and Jose Aldo. The previous UFC lightweight champion holds 21 victories and 3 losses as of now.

Demetrious Johnson

Demetrious is the first and the current UFC Flyweight Champion. One of the rapidly growing fighters he also has successfully defended his title for a record consecutive 11 times, leaving behind Anderson Silva’s record. Also known as the “Mighty Mouse”, Johnson has 27 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw till now.

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Daniel Cormier

Currently ranked Number 2 Pound-for-Pound MMA fighter, Daniel “DC” Cormier is the current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. The former Olympic champion has taken down fighters like Anderson Silva, Frank Mir and Anthony Johnson (twice). Daniel is highly underrated for electric performance he puts in the octagon. His current record includes 22 wins, 1 loss and 1 match with no contest.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Another player rapidly rising among the ranks of MMA is the Russian fighter Khabib. He holds a record of 26 wins and 0 losses in the professional MMA games as of now. As per news reports Conor has agreed to fight against the current Lightweight champion Khabib and the much anticipated fight can be witnessed by the MMA fans in the coming months.

Max Holloway

Max fights in the Featherweight division of the UFC and is the current UFC Featherweight Champion. His professional record includes 19 wins and 3 losses, out of which he maintained a winning streak for 12 fights. Some of successful matches have been against challenging opponents like Jose Aldo, Anthony Pettis and Club Swanson. He is currently ranked 5 in MMA pound-for-pound rankings.

Jon Jones

If the greatest MMA fighters of all times are listed out, Jon Jones would inevitably land up on the list. He is two-time Light Heavyweight UFC Champion and has the longest UFC winning streak which is still active. The controversial fighter has lost only 1 game till now and has