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UFC Flyweight Alex Perez kicks his way to a First Round TKO over Jussier Formiga

What a performance by UFC Flyweight Alex Perez!

Round 1:

Both come out and meet in the center, Perez the aggressor. Perez fires off three thunderous leg kicks in a row. Formiga looking very relaxed. Perez lands another leg kick and is determined to keep up the relentless pace. Perez keeps landing that hard leg kick over and over and backs up Formiga consistently. Formia lands a nice left hook as Perez fires off another leg kick. Perez with a counter left. Formiga’s right side of his face visibly damaged. Formiga fires off a 1-2 combo and Perez counters with a left hook. Formiga with a 1-1-2 combo. Perez keeps aggressing. Formiga lands a knee to the chin of Perez. Perez fires off looping hooks that stun Formiga. Perez drops Formiga with another powerful leg kick and lets Formiga up. Perez lands another leg kick, Formiga drops and the ref calls it a night.

Results: Alex Perez by first round TKO.

We have a new flyweight contender ladies and gentleman!

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