Why You Should Consider Calling Your Chiropractor and the Potential Downsides Along the Way

Many people see chiropractors ultimately as a neck and back doctor. The truth, fortunately, is that a chiropractic service can also provide other benefits to human health. In fact, a lot of people have noticed better cardiovascular health, immune system, and digestive health after undergoing a series of chiropractic treatments. The treatment works based on its assumption that the human body functions better when the spine and musculoskeletal systems are properly aligned. And since it is a natural, non-invasive procedure, people with medical phobias would eagerly opt to have chiropractic care to feel better.

Reasons Why You Should Consider a Chiropractor’s Service

• To treat arthritis. The signs of arthritis usually appear as we age and most of us are left without a choice but to deal with the discomfort and pain it brings. But did you know that your chiropractor can help you combat that too? Study shows that chiropractic care can also provide relief to swelling and pain, gradually promoting your mobility. The goal is to enhance your joint function and relieving whatever pressure is there on your tissues and joints, awakening your body’s self-healing juices. To address your arthritis problems, your chiropractor may be offering you specialized routines such as electrotherapy, physical therapy, infrared sauna, and other adjunctive therapies paired with the right diet, exercise, and spinal manipulation. If you are uncomfortable with the pain relievers or they no longer work on you, consider taking a holistic approach to treat your joint pains by seeking chiropractic care.

•To relieve anxiety. Our bodies are usually a mirror of our minds; they cannot function well if we are on the verge of losing our emotional and mental clarity. There are times where we just feel off but we do not know what the issue or potential cause is. Experts call it anxiety. And when a person is anxious, he or she is more often than not unable to maintain his or her focus. Although the condition can be triggered by a wide variety of factors such as genetics, brain chemistry, and stress, it can overstimulate the nervous system, making the condition worse. Experts would suggest joining mental training camps and the likes to combat it but since those are relatively long processes, chiropractic adjustments often come in as better solutions.

Your chiropractor will be stimulating your spine, enhancing your nerve function which also helps calm your intense nerve signals. The spinal stimulation also targets any misaligned vertebrae to enable your nerves to function back to normal. Besides this, your trusted chiropractor will also be advising you to include exercise and diet in your daily routine. These all can significantly help relieve your anxiety and enhance your mental clarity without you taking any prescription drugs.

• To relieve migraine pain. Headaches come in two types: tension headaches and migraine headaches. The first one produces a dull pain that may come and go while the second one is considered as a throbbing pain that may last long, i.e. hours to days. Migraine can get so intense, thus is considered the worst kind of headache. Typically, there are over the counter medicines that medical doctors prescribe to alleviate the pain signaling in the nerves but people with medication phobia are too uncomfortable with their potential side effects. This is where chiropractic care that manipulates the spinal comes in beneficial. It can relieve migraines significantly and can even help prevent it in some cases.

• To maintain normal blood pressure. Almost fifty percent of the American population is suffering from hypertension and although it is a common belief that massages are dangerous for hypertensive people, chiropractic care handled by professionals can help address the problem. The therapy can effectively lower the blood pressure as per numerous study results especially if it targets specifically the nerves on the upper neck, treating the condition at its root. However, chiropractic care can only do long-term wonders to maintain a normal blood pressure if you also switch to a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

• To alleviate sinusitis and other sinus problems. The pressure and pain brought by inflamed sinuses can take a toll on us and make our lives miserable. Aside from throbbing headaches and aching jaws, you will also have to deal with tender and swollen face on top of breathing struggles. Now, if you want a drug-free approach to relieve all the pain, the good news is, you can count on your chiropractor too. He will help you gain back your sense of smell and neutralize your breathing. The therapy will involve minor facial bone adjustments, enabling you to breathe easier since the risk of fluid build-up that triggers the inflammation is reduced.

Here are the potential downsides, however…

• The therapy may leave a number of side effects. Although not to all, chiropractic treatments may leave side effects like fatigue and mild pains which are mostly benign nonetheless. In very rare cases, there can be serious side effects like nerve compression in the lower spine and a herniated disk. These can trigger bowel problems, pain, and even stroke. This is why it is important to seek help only from a professional chiropractor who carries all the licenses and certifications proving how expert he is on the job. Taking into account the reviews and feedback you can find will help you get to the one.

• The therapy is not for everyone. Although you may be suffering from the conditions mentioned above, there are still a number of conditions that may not make you a good candidate for the therapy. Osteoporosis patients are one example. Those who have current nerve damage or have had spinal surgery may be unfit for it too to avoid possible re-injury.

While chiropractic care is known well to reduce back pain, if there is sweating, chilling, unexplainable weight loss, and you also have a fever, experts advise that you should consider consulting a medical doctor first.

• The therapy is kind of expensive. A chiropractor’s touch can cost you at least $50 for every session that lasts five to ten minutes. And sadly, most insurance do not cover the treatment. Nonetheless, it is truly worth giving a try. Chiropractors suggest a twice-a-week session to maximize the good effects.

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