GSP, greatest of all time

Who is the greatest of all time? Here we cover the top three pound-for-pound fighters of all time

The conversation to be the greatest of all time in the MMA world has always been one that is a never ending conversation and very opinionated as there are arguments for many fighters to be considered to be at the top but today we try and summarize what we think are the top three of all time.

GSP, greatest of all time
Image: MSG Networks

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George St-Pierre is a French-Canadian fighter with a record of 26-2-0 and is widely regarded as one of the greatest MMA fighters of all times. He is a two-weight division in which he won titles at welterweight and middleweight.  GSP spent 7 years at the top of the welterweight division and stepped away as champion in 2013 only to return 4 years later to capture the middleweight title; all of this without the taint of a drugs test being failed.

The next on the list to secure themselves as the greatest all time MMA fighter is Jon “Bones” Jones. Now Jones is quite clearly the best fighter on this list, feared and undefeated, he is an unbelievable talent, one of which we think he is the only fighter that gives his opponent 0% chance to win the fight. However, his career has been ruined by multiple positive tests for PED and can someone claim to be the best with all those tainted wins?

Finally, on the list is the big Brazilian Anderson Silva who also has a claim to the throne. Silva holds the record the most title wins of 16 consecutive wins on the trot which is seriously impressive and it’s not just that – Silva’s fighting style left so many people in awe of his qualities in the ring. Even with his daring nature, when he stepped up against Daniel Cormier at 2 days’ notice and stunned Cormier with a kick to the body.

Anderson Silva
Image: UFC

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