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Who’s Number One Gordon Ryan vs. Vagner Rocha

Who’s Number One

When: Friday, March 26th at 8 PM EST

Where: Austin, Texas

How To Watch:


Gordon Ryan vs Vagner Rocha

Gordon Ryan vs. Vagner Rocha 30 minutes: Gordon Ryan winner by Triangle.


Nick Rodriguez vs. Yuri Simoes 15 minutes: Nick Rodriguez winner by Decision. 


Mikey Musumechi vs. Marcelo Cohen 15 minutes: Mikey Musumechi winner by Triangle Armbar. 


Gordon Ryan vs Vagner Rocha

Maggie Grindatti vs. Rafaela Guedes 15 minutes: Rafaela Guedes winner by Rear Naked Choke.


Oliver Taza vs. Johnny Tama 15 minutes: Oliver Taza winner by Decision. 


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Cole Abata vs. Ned Johnson 15 minutes: Cole Abata winner by Ankle Lock. 


Andrew Tackett vs. Sean Yadimarco 15 minutes: Andrew Tackett winner by Decision. 

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