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William Knight explains what led to 12lbs weight miss at UFC 271

UFC light heavyweight contender William Knight explains what led to his 12lbs weight miss for his fight against Maxim Grishin at UFC 271.

In what was officially the biggest weight miss in UFC history, Knight came in at 218lbs for his scheduled light heavyweight bout against Grishin at UFC 271. After missing weight by 12lbs, Knight surpassed Rafael Alves’ 11.5lbs weight miss as the biggest in UFC history. Fortunately, Knight was still able to fight as the matchup with Grishin was shifted up to heavyweight after the Russian came in at 206lbs — the maximum for a non-title light heavyweight bout, but also the minimum for a heavyweight bout. However, Knight was forced to cough up 40% of his purse to Grishin as a punishment for missing weight. Grishin would then go on to win a unanimous decision, turning what was already a tough weekend for Knight into a tougher one.

Knight filled in for Ed Herman on short notice to take this fight, and that has to be noted as one of the contributing factors to the weight miss. However, it ultimately came down to Knight’s body shutting down during the weight cut. Taking to social media following UFC 271, Knight took full responsibility for missing weight, but he also explained why it happened. See what “Knightmare” wrote on his Instagram below.

I dropped 22lbs in 9 hours and after that my body shut down I couldn’t sweat and other things started happening I take full responsibility missing Weight and I accept that my body shut down but what I won’t accept is the disrespect saying did I even try and it’s embarrassing etc…. trust me when I tell you I tried my best and my best wasn’t enough most of you talking will never understand the sacrifices I made and what I put myself though in such a short time im greatful I wasn’t hospitalized and was about to even have the opportunity to fight next fight ill be on point and ready to go TRUST ME

What’s next for William Knight after losing to Maxim Grishin at UFC 271?

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