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Workout of The Week Jitz Gripz

Workout of The Week: Jitz Gripz

This past weekend was the Olympics for Jiu Jitsu as the ADCC World Championships were held in Finland. The ADCC World Championships men’s divisions featured 16 competitors, including eight qualified athletes, seven invitations, and the return of the defending ADCC champion. The Women’s divisions featured eight competitors, with four qualified athletes, the defending champion, and three invitations.

In addition to these divisions, there were three Super Fights. The three Super Fights were Andre Galvao vs. Claudio Calasans, Chael Sonnen vs. Leo Vieira, and Renzo Gracie vs. Sanae Kikuta.

In honor of this “Olympic” weekend, I have created a workout that I use, and recommend, with a high level BJJ competitor, before a big match. The routine covers the strength side and conditioning side one would need to help improve on their game.

The workout starts with a hard Tabata rower sprint to elevate your heart rate and gets your lungs burning. After that you will do a pyramid with two kettlebells. The pyramid is 5 exercises for 1 repetition each repeated 10x 8x and 6x with a short rest in between each set. This part of the routine will get your heart rate up some more along with your hands and arms begging to put the kettlebells down.

After the pyramid, you will go into a bodyweight circuit consisting of 5 movements. Repeat all 5 in a row for 30 reps then 20 reps then 10 reps for as fast as you can with the smallest amount of rest in between each set. Then finally you will move onto another Tabata timer for the finish. The finisher consists of 4 exercises being repeated 5x each for a total of 20 rounds.

Jitz Gripz:

1.Tabata Rower: 10 rounds x 30 seconds ON with 12 second rest = 7minutes

Tabata Rower

2.KB Pyramid Circuit Flow:

KBs Swing…  KBs Clean…  KBs Squat Press (Thruster)…  KBs Rows…  KBs Deadlift… (hold on to 2 KBs and do 1 swing then do 1 Clean then go right to 1 Thruster then to 1 KB Row then to 1 deadlift). Repeat this pattern for 10 reps with out putting the KBs down. Take 30 to 60 seconds to rest. Go heavier and repeat the pattern for 8 reps then rest 30 to 60 seconds and repeat for a final time of 6 reps.

  1. Body Weight Resistance Circuit:

Squat Jumps. Hand Release Pushups. Front Lunges with Side Lunges. TRX Rows. Hip Bridge with alternating reaches. You will do 30 reps as fast as you can. Take 30 seconds to rest then go right back to it and do 20 reps as fast as you can. Rest for 20 seconds then finish with 10 reps as fast as you can.

4. Tabata Finisher Circuit: 20 rounds x 24 seconds ON with 12 second rest= 12 minutes. You will do one exercise after the other then start all over again after all 4 have been done 1x and repeat each thing 5x:


Box Jumps right to Ball Slams right to Treadmill Incline Sprint right to Up/ Down Planks (hell raisers) and repeat.


Good luck and have fun!




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