Dan Hardy - The Outlaw

Workout Of The Week: The Outlaw

It was recently announced that Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy has been medically cleared to return to the UFC and has started USADA’s drug testing process. Being a big Dan Hardy (in GSP voice) fan, I think this would be a great time to use my Dan Hardy inspired workout routine I dubbed, ‘The Outlaw.’

How can you not be a fan of The Outlaw? With the red mohawk, the bandana covering half his face, and the brutal counter left hook he throws with ease, Hardy is one of the most exciting fighters to ever grace the UFC. A blessing and a curse, he has been sidelined for the past few years because of a medical condition but, he has been keeping busy.

Hardy wrote a phenomenal book titled, Part Reptile. Part Reptile - Dan Hardy

Aside from writing, Hardy has taken up as the European version of Joe Rogan. I really enjoy his style of commentating and interviews with the fighters, yet I hope he does get back into the cage as an athlete very soon.

For his comeback, Hardy has been posting videos of him boxing and doing strength circuits at the newly built gym in his house.

As far as ‘The Outlaw’ circuit goes, I’ve watched and listened to a lot of Hardy’s interviews about movement and exercise over the years. His routines are a mix of jump rope, body weight, kettlebells and more. And that is exactly what is in ‘The Outlaw’ routine. I’ve put together a strong circuit that incorporates all of that and then some.

Dan Hardy

There are 15 stations that you will repeat through as fast as you can with the last station ending with a 5 min routine on a different striking bag (Thai, Heavy, and Wrecking Ball). Once all 15 stations are complete, you will repeat the circuit two more times for a total of 3 rounds.


The Outlaw:

1.Hand Release Pushups

2.KB Swings 15

3.TRX Rows 15

4.KB Passing Lunges 15 Each

5.Wall Balls 15

6.KB Deadlift-Clean- Press 15

7.TRX Muscle Ups 8

8.Heavy Jump Rope 50 skips

9.Box Jumps 15

10.Situps to a stand 15

11.Heavy Rope Slams 30

12.Heavy Bag Flips 15

13.Rower 500 meters

14.L-Sits 30-45 seconds

15.Round 1: 5 minute rounds on the Thai Bag.

Round 2: 5 minutes on the Heavy Bag.

Round 3: 5 minutes on the Wrecking Ball.

Repeat the circuit 3 x.

Good luck and have fun!

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