uKeg - Celebrate Father's Day with Growler Werks

Celebrate Father’s Day with GrowlerWerks and uKeg

If you are like me, you know how to thoroughly enjoy a nice cold beer.  Having a a bottled beer is great but the taste straight from the tap almost always tastes a million times better.

But how do you bring the straight from the tap flavor and feel with you when you are tailgating at the ballpark or even in the comfort of your own home?

The guys at GrowlerWerks have found a solution.  Introducing the uKeg.  The uKeg allows you to keep beer fresh and cold with a pressurized, carbonated stainless steel insulated growler in half gallon and gallon sizes.


But how much PSI do I need for my growler?

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In an effort to help spread our love for dads and father figures in people’s lives, GrowlerWerks is asking the world to tell them why their father figure is the quintessential #uKegDad. And they can win uKegs in the process!

Background: Many of us can remember our first beer. More often than not, that first experience occurred with our father, step­dad, older brother, an uncle, a second mom or some form of father figure. Tell GrowlerWerks about it.

“Beers With Dad: #uKegDad” is a toast to those father figures and the influence they have had on us. Whether a father figure taught you to tighten the chain on your bike, drive a car, surf, make a campfire, or you two have matching tattoos, father figures give us examples worth following. They help us become better men or women and parents ourselves. Cheers to that.

A #uKegDad is any father figure who has given you something worth holding onto for life; Celebrate yours and let us help!

Father’s Day Contest

Sign­up, Share, & Win the #uKegDad Webpage & Instagram.

Timeline: Enter to win between Friday, May 26, and Father’s Day, Sunday, June 18.


● 6 ­ uKeg 64 & uKeg 128 (stainless) with custom North Leather Co. Carry cases

● 6 packages for the 6 U.S. regions ­ Mid­Atlantic, NorthWest, NorthEast, SouthEast, West, and Mid­West


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