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Workout Of The Week The Mjölnir

Workout Of The Week: The Mjölnir

What is the Mjölnir? In Norse mythology, the Mjölnir is the hammer of Thor, a major Norse god associated with thunder. The Mjölnir is depicted in Norse mythology as one of the most fearsome weapons, capable of leveling mountains, according to its definition.

When I think of the Mjölnir, I think of Mjölnir MMA in Reykjavik, Iceland. Mjölnir MMA is home to Gunnar Nelson, Sunna Rannveig Davidsdottir, and on many occasions, Conor McGregor.

Also, when I think of the Mjölnir, I think of a kettlebell. This workout has a few different parts to it but, the main part is a kettlebell complex, thus I gave it the great and worthy name, Mjölnir.

The Mjölnir workout

The Mjölnir workout goes like this:

Rower 500 meters.

Nick looking snazzy doing wall balls

KB Complex (all right arm first then switch to the left arm):

Swings 5

Cleans 5

Swings 5

Clean and Press 5

Swings 5

Snatch 5 (then switch and repeat all 6 on the left side).

TRX Muscle Ups 8

Wall Balls 15

Sprint 2 minutes (treadmill, or elliptical, or fan bike).

Repeat 4 x

When all 4 rounds are done, you are going to a dumbbell weighted boxing Tabata. The Tabata time will go 8 rounds of 30 seconds ON with a 10 second REST for a total of 5 minutes and 20 seconds.

Standing in an orthodox position, you are going to throw a jab and a cross as many times as you can in the 30 seconds. For each of the next 3 rounds you are going to add another strike to that combo. After the first 4 are done, you are going to repeat the pattern but in a southpaw position:

  1. Jab- Cross
Brian doing Tabata combos
Brian doing Tabata combos
  1. Jab- Cross- Hook Left

  2. Jab- Cross- Hook Left- Uppercut Right

  3. Jab- Cross- Hook Left- Uppercut Right- Front Kick Right.

Switch to southpaw:

  1. Jab- Cross

  2. Jab- Cross- Hook Right

  3. Jab- Cross- Hook Right- Uppercut Left

  4. Jab- Cross- Hook Right- Uppercut Left- Front Kick Left.

Remember to do a 5-10 min. warm-up and cool down stretch!

Good luck and have fun!


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