Yimaz Wildman: "I soared mightily through the skies of Mt. Everest just to find this tournament"

Yimaz Wildman: “I soared mightily through the skies of Mt. Everest just to find this tournament”

RUF 47 features a title fight between Yimaz Wildman and Terrance Jean-Jaques. This fight, however, is the Road to ONE final and the winner gets a contract to fight for ONE Championship. Wildman, who fights like a bull in a china shop, is ready to claim his spot as a contender and a member of ONE Championship’s roster.

Yimaz Wildman is as animated as it gets. When asked how he found out about the Road to ONE, he gave one of the best answers possible. Seriously, read this:

“There were whispers in the wind. It traveled far and wide, and they just whispered to my ears that they needed a warrior for this conquest that needed to be conquered. So I swam, I jumped, and I flew. I soared mightily through the skies of Mt. Everest just to find this tournament. And then when I got there, I gave it my all. And now it’s the final. And now it’s time for me to take it home.”

Yimaz Wildman: The Black Panther

For Yimaz Wildman, he doesn’t see his style as something we would see as traditional. Instead of seeing himself molded out of past or present mixed martial artists, Wildman sees himself more akin to the late Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther.

I say that aggressive style is not actually a style. I have to make you feel uncomfortable to be comfortable. But if you can never get comfortable in that uncomfortable situation, then you will fall short. A lot of people will mistake my style as being a brawler or being just an overwhelming presence, but that’s me having to take that power from you and absorb it and exchange it for my own. It’s almost like if you ever saw Black Panther, when his suit absorbed all of the blows and all of the trauma. Then it just bursts out all of the damage that it took, therefore producing more destruction to those that were trying to destroy him. That’s my style. I have to feel my opponent. There are a lot of people that have never been taught that and never went through those trials where you’ve had to feel in order to realize the situation.”

The contract for Wildman will mean the world to him. Putting in the hard work, blood, sweat, tears, all the reps in the gym, all of it will pay off with a a win on RUF 47. Earning the contract to ONE Championship is the thing that Wildman believes he is destined for.

“It will not only put me where I should have been a long, long time ago, that will also reassure me that I am here. And I’m here to leave a legacy. I’m here to leave my name on this promotion. I’m here to etch my name into history. I’m here to change people’s lives. I am here to make more of myself. So me getting this contract is just saying what I was saying years ago of what I was going to accomplish. There’s so much blood, sweat, and tears behind it. Saying it when I had blood spitting out my mouth, saying it when I was puking trying to make weight, saying it when I was crying in my house out of depression. But now that I’m right here, I feel that burning in my core. I feel it burning in my heart, feel that burning in my brain, and I know the sensation of all this is working. So now, when I get this contract, the goal is already accomplished that I’m where I should have been a long, long time ago. But it’s now what you’re going to do after this moment.”

So don’t miss out. Wildman and Jean-Jaques are two of the best heavyweight prospects in the United States. It will be an insane fight and the winner gets the contract.

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