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Attending the Big Fight: Your Quick Guide

When you’re a fan of one of the world’s most intense sports, with one of the fastest-growing fan bases in the world, it can be difficult to secure the tickets that’ll grant you access to one of the greatest shows on earth. With MMA becoming more and more popular, and filling ever-larger arenas, the price of being a fan is increasing. Meanwhile, getting hold of tickets is competitive, and you need to fight to get the best seats in the stadium.

In this short guide, you’ll learn what you need to do to get those best-placed tickets at the big fights you’re desperate to see.

Early Bird

As a dedicated MMA fan, you’re going to be more aware of the upcoming big fights than some other fans, who will only see the tickets once they’re marketed across sports channels and all over social media. It’s in this sense that you’re able to play the role of the early bird, and you may be able to get tickets instantly, as soon as they’re released.

If there’s a little ambiguity as to when the tickets to the big fight you’re hoping to attend will be released, take matters into your own hands. Ring the box office, or email the event organizers, and ask for the date and time that tickets will be released for general sale. That’s when you’ll need to be at your laptop, ready to swoop on the tickets you require.


Finally, you need to ensure you have enough cash in the bank to make a purchase of an MMA ticket as soon as it’s announced and released. Oftentimes, this can come at an inconvenient time, when you’re low on cash and struggling to make ends meet before a new month’s pay enters your bank account.

You shouldn’t let this stop you getting the tickets and the seats of your dreams. For that important short-term cash injection, look to Online Loans to help you get over the line and fund your adventure in MMA, with the cash you need to purchase the tickets you desire instantly hitting your bank account, enabling you to make the payment for the tickets that you’ve worked hard to secure.


Another way to get tickets to the biggest and best fights in MMA is to become a member of an organization that gets tickets handed out for each and every bout. Here, you may need to consider joining a gym or a member’s club, or asking to join other organizations that regularly get seats, in order to be on the VIP list when fights are announced.

If you’re unaware of the ticket deals with regards to memberships and VIP guests, then check out The Bleacher Report as well as looking online to see where some of the tickets to previous fights have gone. Many go to hospitality guests, and many others are given to stakeholders in the sport, whether that’s gyms, sponsors, or other members’ clubs. This is your key way into the world of MMA.

These tips will all help you get to the best MMA fights of the year, each and every time you’ve earmarked a fight in your diary.


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