Braxton King

Braxton King Ready To Shine At Atlas Fights 55

Louisiana has always been a hotbed for MMA since the sport’s inception. Several of those young talents will be on display this Saturday, August 22, 2020, in Biloxi, Mississippi for Atlas Fights 55. One of those young talents is the 21-year old Team Juggernaut lightweight, Braxton King. King is on a mission to put the Gulf Coast’s best on notice, there is a new king of the Gulf Coast MMA scene.

Future Lightweight “King” of Louisiana?

If you have not seen Braxton King in action, then he is a must-see for you. The BJJ purple-belt is just as dangerous in the stand-up department as he is on the ground. Watching his bout from WFC 101 in March 2019 against Steven Battley, King switches stances nicely for a young amateur. Once on the mat, King quickly executed a slick armbar from the victory. In comparison, in his January 2019 bout at Bayou FC 34, King came out for the second round with precision striking to end his opponent’s night.

Returning to Action

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic sports around the world have been on hold. Just recently, MMA has made it’s return to the regional scene. Atlas Fights put on a successful event on August 01, 2020, and returns to action three weeks later on August 22nd. For fighters like King, it’s beyond time to get back to action. “It’s pretty exciting. It’s been a little minute, but I’m ready for war,” King told MyMMANews. “I mean the pandemic didn’t stop anything. I stayed consistent with my training. I feel I’m ready to showcase my work.”

Taking it to the Beach

To aid with social distancing, Atlas Fights has been setting up events outdoors, a stone’s throw away from the Gulf. With the breeze blowing in off of the Gulf, fighters have battled under the bright lights of Atlas. Regardless, it’s still the South and still the summertime.

How will this affect fighters?

“I’ve never fought outside before but that’s where I did most of my training coming up as a kid so it should be a nice breeze. I’m looking forward to it,” King stated.

Action-Packed Night

So what can fans expect who have never seen the talented, young fighter Saturday night at Atlas Fights?

“To the people who ask who am I and what can I do, I’m just a person who works hard and stays consistent throughout all my works. So they will see my hard work shown on Saturday night.”

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