Choosing the right gloves for the right purpose

Choosing the right gloves, for the right purpose

If you are new to mixed martial arts it may take some time to figure out exactly which products are going to work best for you. There are several factors that have to be weighed out before jumping in and possibly making the wrong purchase.

Whatever you need, whether it be head gear, shin guards, shorts, gloves, wraps, mouthpieces, etc., there are many shops that can offer you what you need, however there are not many that do it in a variety of languages, making shopping experiences for those around the globe, a much more enjoyable experience.  MMAShop.DK does just that.  You can choose from English, Dansk, German, Swedish, and Norwegian.

For this piece, let’s start first with gloves.

You have to consider the style of gloves, the purpose for the gloves, the brand and finally the price.  Remember however that although your budget may be limited, sometimes you do get what you paid for.

Bag Gloves

Bag gloves are small, lightweight and durable, however there is not much padding in the knuckle area. You might want to purchase hand wraps to use to help preserve your hands and keep them injury free.  Typically the brand of hand wrap should not matter.  They are all very similar, however some are longer in length than others.  A good choice to start with are the ones officially licensed by the UFC.  You can pick them up here:

Many people do not use wraps when practicing MMA, however they are highly recommended. A serious hand injury can keep you out of training for months. Your hands are a very important asset and it is worth the time to wrap them. Also, you will have to have wrapped hands during MMA competition, so it is nice to get use to it. If you are having problems fitting your wraps into MMA gloves, many brands now sell MMA wraps, which are shorter and narrower wraps.
hayabysa mma handskersize chart

MMA/Training Gloves

Something to consider here is weight. I prefer a heavier training glove. When you train with a heavy glove you are building the muscles in the shoulders, next to the leg muscles these are the muscles that will be strained most during a stand up fight. If you spar or plan on competing this is a great way to train. And finally, grappling gloves; this is the glove that many people refer to as an MMA glove. They were designed for the earlier competitions such as Vale Tudo and shoot fighting and are used today in most MMA matches. The gloves give your hands more freedom for grappling and provide some padding for striking.
Venum MMA Handsker

Proper Fit – Make sure your gloves will fit you right WITH HANDWRAPS ON. Put on some hand-wraps and see if the gloves is snug around the wraps. Brands vary in size around your fist. Make sure you are able to make an easy comfortable fist inside your gloves.

Go to a real boxing or MMA gym and try on different types of gloves they have. Check out the shape, padding, and comfort. Go home and buy them online.

There are a lot of excellent brands out there and it can be confusing. Let’s take names like Everlast and Title, most of you are familiar with the name Everlast. Everlast and Title have been around a long time and are big names in the boxing game. Both Everlast and Title anticipated the surge in popularity of MMA and have done a great job of making the transition. Since they have been trusted names in boxing the switch was natural for them and their products are sound.

Hayabusa is also an excellent brand.  The truth is there is no 100% definite answer as to which will work best.  It really depends on the user and their comfort level.  It make take some trial and error to discover the brand that works best for you, and just because one product from a brand works for you, does not mean all their products will. You may have to mix and match.

One brand that I personally tried and like is Venum.  The Venum Attack MMA gloves can be found here:

Boxing Gloves

Glove size is displayed as ounce or oz. The most common sizes available are 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz and 16 oz. There are no odd sizes (9 oz, 11 oz, 13 oz, and so on). It is worth noting that glove size and glove weight are different. Sizing does correspond with the weight of the glove, but not all the time. This means buying gloves sized at 16 oz does not mean they weigh exactly 16 oz.

Sizes are classified to easily know what glove weight a boxer should train in. Glove weight is important because it has to fit your chosen method of use. For example, bigger gloves have more padding, in turn, offer better hand better protection.

With boxing gloves it is almost impossible to go wrong with Everlast.

Now you are ready to pick your products and hit the gym.  Remember to check out MMAShop.DK for all your training needs.

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