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Conor McGregor talks Creepy Clown Epidemic – Will Slap Head Off One MMA News Video 

Conor McGregor talks Creepy Clown Epidemic – Will Slap Head Off One

Conor McGregor talks Creepy Clown Epidemic – Will Slap Head Off One

Since mid to late summer there have been creepy clown sightings all throughout the country. All over the country, people dressed up as scary clowns have been reported lurking about, allegedly trying to lure kids into the woods. What started in South Carolina back in August has now fostered dozens of copycat clowns to spring up across the country, freaking everyone right the hell out.

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor recently weighed in on the situation that has swept fear in parents and homeowners nationwide.

“I’ve seen people dressed up as clowns or something like that.” What would you do if one came up to you? “I would slap the head off of one (clown). You see some guy jumping out screaming in your face dressed in a clown mask? I’d slap the head off him pull the clown mask off and stick it up his ass! You know what I mean? What the f–k even is that? I don’t what the f–k even is that. Have people been killed or what? I haven’t heard that people have been killed. You’ve heard that maybe there’s stabbing and stuff like that but… I don’t know it’s f–ked up! I don’t know it’s f–ked up. Just don’t come near me in a clown suit. In fact, don’t come near me period. Come near me and I’ll slap the head off you anyway. But if you’re in a clown suit I’ll slap the head off you even more so.”

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