Freedom 15

Freedom 15 – Watch Muay Thai Live From New York City

Are you ready for an exhilarating night of heart-pounding Muay Thai action? Look no further! Freedom Fighter Promotions presents Freedom 15, a live event that promises to leave you at the edge of your seat. Prepare to witness the ultimate clash of fighters in a showcase of skill, determination, and raw talent.

Unleashing the Thrills

Freedom 15 brings together some of the most talented and fearless fighters in the Muay Thai world. With a stacked bout card featuring intense matchups, every moment is bound to be filled with excitement. From explosive knockouts to technical masterclasses, each bout is a journey through the art of Muay Thai.

Championship Showdowns

The highlight of Freedom 15 is the series of title fights that will define the future of the sport. Watch in awe as warriors compete for prestigious titles, vying for recognition and honor. Witness the crowning of champions and the rise of new contenders, as they give their all, in pursuit of greatness.

From the Comfort of Your Home

Don’t worry about missing any of the action! With Fight Club Live TV, you can catch Freedom 15 from the comfort of your own home. Tune in live on the event day or catch up on-demand at your convenience. Never miss a knockout, a decisive moment, or a legendary upset – the choice is yours!

An Unforgettable Experience

Freedom 15 is not just a fight night; it’s an unforgettable experience that will leave you in awe of the incredible athleticism and determination of these fighters. Share the excitement with friends and family as you immerse yourselves in the electrifying atmosphere of Muay Thai.



Red Corner Blue Corner
1 Andrew Ventura 4W-0L #REF! 3W-3L Damian Snyder
Rami Elite #REF! Saratoga Muay Thai
Philadelphia PA #REF! Greenfield Center, NY
4/3/2012 174-458 2/10/2012
2 Ezekiel Ponce 0W-1L 57.3lbs/ 26kg 3W-2L Izaiah Bahsous
Hills Training No Elbows Rentap Muay Thai
San Jose, CA Full Gear
12/19/2013 9/24/2014
3 Rex Augustin 0W-0L 179.8lbs/81.6kg 1W-0L Thomas Sawicki
Rami Elite Full Rules Kings New Jersey
Philadelphia PA Full Gear East Rutherford, NJ
2/8/2001 173-874 173-874 7/19/2004
4 Trevon Edwards-Scales 2W-2L 119.9lbs/ 54.4kg 1W-1L Jonathan Narvaez
North Star MMA Full Rules Rose Muay Thai
Philadelphia, PA Elbow Pads Brooklyn, NY
4/9/2004 174-613 170-011
5 Matthew Shivecharan 1W-0 134.4lbs/ 61kg 4W-1L Jacob Sweitzer
Raktan Muay Thai Full Rules Nomad
Long Island City, NY Elbow Pads Oakland, MD
11/23/2002 173-142 172-566 6/14/1999
6 Ryan Persaud 5W-2L 130lbs/ 59kg 2W-2L Erik Cordova
Juniper Muay Thai Full Rules Rose Muay Thai
Philadelphia, PA Elbow Pads Brooklyn, NY
12/12/1995 174-750 170-881 DOB 5/14/1987
7 Elmer Recinos 4W-6L 134.4lb/ 61kg 2W-1L Bryant Pasato
Lil Bomb Muay Thai Full Rules Raktan Muay Thai
Full Gear Long Island City, NY
5/18/1993 169-676 174-442 12/2/1998
8 Ben Collins 7W-2L 168.6lbs/ 76.5kg 12W-10L Matthew Pinkney
Full Rules 8 Limbs Academy
Elbow Pads Philadelphia, PA
11/27/1990 175-331 157-866 10/3/1985

Professional Main Event

9 Jhalani Battle-Williams 2W-0L 147.7lbs/ 67kg 5W-3L Leon Trujillo
Rami Elite Full Rules Tulum Muay Thai
Philadelphia, PA No Gear Tulum Mexico
9/2/1996 170-675 8/24/1997
Title: 36kg Jr Welterweight Freedom World Championship
10 Aubrey Armas 7W-2L 79.3lbs/ 36kg Olivia Bahsous
Hills Training Full Rules Rentap Muay Thai
San Jose, CA Elbow Pads
Title: 57kg Featherweight Freedom USA Championship
11 Sarah London 4W-3L 125.6lbs/ 57kg 6W-0L Gianna  Vadino
Chonburi Muay Thai Full Rules North Star MMA
Nashville, TN Elbow Pads Philadelphia, PA
3/30/1986 169-462 11/29/1990
Title: 54kg Super Flyweight Freedom USA Championship
12 Christian Rodriguez 18W-6L 119lbs/ 54kg 6W-1L Farzod Raufov
Full Rules
El Cajon, CA Full Rules Brooklyn, NY
Pure Heart Muay Thai Elbow Pads Fight Factory
8/9/2006 174-569 174-525 5/7/2008
Title: 52kg Super Flyweight Freedom USA Championship
13 Michael Hernandez 10W-2L 114.6lbs/ 52kg 18W-5L Peter Anagnostidis
Lions Roar Muay Thai No Elbows Sitan Gym
Bronx, NY Full Gear Astoria, NY
4/1/2009 169-468 170-604 5/20/2009
Title: 63.5 Super Lightweight Freedom World Championship
14 Ahmad Alatmah 18W-2L 140lb/ 63.5kg 10W-2L Juan Vasquez
Philadelphia, PA Full Rules Matador Muay Thai
Rami Elite Elbow Pads Corona, NY
7/7/2005 174-408 175-118 7/8/1997

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