Jake Lindsey

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Jake Lindsey on “ball of fire” Brandon Girtz and BKFC 31

Jake Lindsey tests skills with Brandon Girtz at BKFC 31 in the co-main event of the October 15th card.

Lindsey appeared once again on Bowks Talking Bouts and touched on a myriad of topics in our chat. Excerpts from our conversation are below.

Jake Lindsey

Lindsey’s thoughts on his upcoming opponent Brandon Girtz

“I already had been scouting that guy for a while. Not even just for myself but for other guys who were going to fight him. Now it’s different because I was scouting him in MMA. I know what he’s going to bring. Know what he does. I know what he does well. I’m sure it’s going to be a little bit different because it’s striking only. I think it’s better for him in MMA because he can wrestle and he’s such a good wrestler. But I know he’s a little fuckin’ ball of fire.”

“He’s going to come out there swinging. I know his feints. I mean I’ve been watching tons of video on him. But it’s a fight, so things are never going to go the exact way you think. But no, I’ve been super familiar with him. I’ve been a fan of his a long time. I respect him a lot. He’s got a big ass head so I’ll probably break my hands. But yeah, he’s a little ball of fire, man, and I’m excited for it.”


Why the perceived strategy of Girtz will not pan out for him in his BKFC debut

“Here’s one thing that always people forget about. It’s like no matter what your game plans are, you have habits. There’s fight habits that you get into and they’re subconscious. There’s things you do and things you don’t do that in a fight you do. We’re both going to have things like that. There’s certain things he does. He backs up and he’ll feint, come forward. Or he’ll charge forward and blitz. He backs up and backs up to his right.”

“Leads people into his right hand. His left hand is dangerous but his right hand is what he knocks people out with and hurts people with. Same thing with Mike Richman. These southpaws, they’ll corral you into their right hand. Because the ideology is oh, keep your foot on the outside and you can avoid his left hand. I actually prefer to be inside his left hand. But that being said, I’m sure his game plan is going to be to make it grimy and dirty. Because if we go skill for skill, he loses. I’m sure he knows that.”

“He’s smart, his coaches are smart, he has good coaches. So if we keep it on the outside and have a technical battle, that doesn’t suit his style. On the other hand though, I just haven’t been brawling these guys because I don’t have to. I can fuckin’ brawl. I spar with David Rickels, ok. We brawl, man. I can brawl and get in there. Get dirty, I can fight on the inside and all that. I just haven’t had to yet.”

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