Jeff Aronson: "Being CEO of Titan FC is a Labor of Love"

Jeff Aronson: “Being CEO of Titan FC is a Labor of Love”

Jeff Aronson: “Being CEO of Titan FC is a Labor of Love”

Titan Fighting Championship’s Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Aronson, is one of the busiest men in the mixed martial arts world, but he is okay with that.  In fact he likes the constjeff1ant pace and says this is nothing new to him.

Aronson is the founder of the mail-in refinery Cash4Gold which allowed jewelry owners to send in their gold, silver and platinum items in exchange for money.  He is is also the former chairman of Alchemist management where he helped many manage of today’s top MMA athletes.

We spoke with Aronson today to discuss the organization’s upcoming role in the Mobile AeroFest along with Titan FC’s “Night of Champions” on March 20. For more information on the Mobile AeroFest please visit or – Jeff, I already spoke with your COO, Lex McMahon last week and he walked me through the entire partnership with Mobile AeroFest and what Titan FC is going to be doing and how you are involved with giving back to the our military Veterans, so I don’t really need you to go into too much detail about the event itself but what exactly are you looking forward to about this huge upcoming festival?

Jeff Aronson – “I think the most exciting thing overall is the ability of giving back, doing some compassionate capitalism, to be throwing Titan’s biggest card to date, having a “Night of Champions” and to be involved with such great organizations and Titan being selected to be the pinnacle point in the event, in the festival is just an amazing thing. It’s going to be in an airplane hangar, it’s just going to be amazing. We are just super excited about the whole event.”

jeff2 – What is a day like in the life of the Titan FC CEO? Is it all business or do you have time for some play?

Jeff Aronson – “Titan is certainly a full time job at this point. There’s so much that goes on behind the scenes from signing prospects to dealing with venues, dealing with fighter issues, just dealing with the day to day with running it and getting everything coordinated and you know, dealing with press and the events leading up to the actual event, it’s constant, constant running around. You know what, it’s a labor of love. Something that is a big piece to bite off. It’s like, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. It’s that type of situation.” – You bring up a good point and obviously as Titan continues to grow, you are going to have more and more on your plate. Is that something you are willing to trade off for; less free time?

Jeff Aronson – “Absolutely. This is something I’m used to. I’ve run the largest corporations in America. I found Cash4Gold which was one of the biggest companies during its time. One of the largest media buyers in the world and you know, I founded that company and was the CEO of that company. I’m certainly used to that and the day to day runnings of a business is something that I’m completely familiar with and used to dealing with.” – Walk me through your partnership with the CBS Sports Network. How is that working out?

Jeff Aronson – “CBS Sports has been great. We have a deal with them in place and they have been great partners. I think that there are only four network deals in all of the United States for MMA at this point. That’s the UFC on FOX, Bellator on Spike, World Series of Fighting on NBC Sports and Titan on CBS Sports. So it immediately thrusts us into the top four promotions in America and then from there whether you ranked us third, fourth, whatever the ranking is, we are definitely one of the largest players out there. I don’t think there is any question about that. – Lex gave me some of his goals and aspirations for Titan FC in 2015. What do you envision happening for the company?

Jeff Aronson – “I think that when you start with incredibly high expectations and you strive to go over them on a daily basis and to beat out whatever you beat out, you can only succeed. When I purchased Titan, I basically purchased a mid-west organization. They had done a bunch of shows, but on a regional basis, they had name recognition but it was basically obscure.   Now a year later, look at Titan in the mix, with everybody. Plenty of Titan fighters have been signed by the UFC and we’ve thrown these unbelievable events. We’re doing the Aero-Fest event. The company is only getting bigger, the fighters are only getting bigger. If you look at who we have signed in the last year it is just incredible and 2015 is just going to be an extension of that, including an international extension.”

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