Jesse Ronson

Jesse Ronson on Joaquim Silva fight at UFC Vegas 61

Jesse Ronson tests skills with Joaquim Silva at UFC Fight Night: Dern vs Yan on October 1st.

Ronson appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts once again and several subjects were touched on during our chat. Excerpts from our conversation are below.

Jesse Ronson

Ronson’s thoughts on his opponent switch here from Vinc Pichel to Joaquim Silva

“I’ve seen this guy grapple before. I’ve seen him wrestle, I’ve seen everything. I was like if you want to grapple, let’s grapple, bro. I’m down. We can do this, we can take it there. I feel great. The (Rafa) Garcia fight, I was prepared to grapple. But I got kneed in the face and it scrambled my eggs and it really jammed my neck up. I had like zero strength in my arms after that. One bad thing lead to another; shitty weight cut, shitty recovery, and whatever else.”

“But yeah this time around, when I’m operating at a hundred percent I’m down to fight anybody anywhere they want. That’s how comfortable I am because that’s how much training and work I put in everywhere with high level guys. I just haven’t been able to show it because when I fought Garcia, I wasn’t a hundred percent. When I fought Nicolas Dalby, that was a weight class up and I had that tainted supplement in me. So everyone was like oh it was that. That’s the reason why you did that to him.”

“I’m like ok, even though I’ve iced bigger guys before with punches. It doesn’t matter. The last time I felt this good was when I fought Troy Lamson and I pieced that guy up at BTC in Kitchener. He was a black belt and NCAA division one wrestler. Taller, longer, bigger guy and I fucked him up. So expect something like that to happen.”

UFC Fight Night: Dern vs Yan

Parting thoughts for Jesse Ronson

“Making this training camp possible, I had to start a Go Fund Me. Because yeah, even though I’m in the UFC we’re not as financially free as everybody thinks. I just want to thank everybody that donated to my Go Fund Me. To make my trips to Niagara and BTC and the Toronto area, Hamilton area possible. The King Faisal Rehman, huge shout out to him. He’s always been in my corner.”

“I’ve got some training partners you know; Adam Assenza, Clay Pye, Aaron Jeffery. My boy back home. Without this guy, he’s my Robin to my Batman for the last three-four years, Matt Bednarek. The sacrifices and beatings that he takes for me to get me ready, I owe him a lot. Yeah, that’s about it and my wife for understanding. Not so much lately but as much as she can (laughs).”

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