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Kaleb Harris

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Kaleb Harris “I Will Be the One, Undisputed 165-Pound Champ”

Kaleb Harris clashes with Brad Kelly at BKFC 36 on February 24th.

Harris once again appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts to discuss the former title challenger’s place in the welterweight hierarchy, calling his shot as well as avenging his first loss last time out, and so much more. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Kaleb Harris

Tying up his BKFC series with Harris Stephenson at one apiece and how much Kaleb Harris has grown since their first fight

“It was a big one for me. Just because anybody that beats me, I’m always looking to get my shot back at them. Harris was willing to step back in. The big thing I took away from that fight was just it cemented what we had already been working on. We were already preparing for other fighters while getting ready for Harris. So, we started working on a lot of new stuff. More of understanding what I needed to do in the rounds and when I needed to do it. Went out there, ran the gameplan to a T, and so it just kind of cemented that this new regimen of training is working.”

“That ring’s my second home now. I’m just as comfortable there as I am in my living room.”

Harris’ thoughts on Brad Kelly’s BKFC resume and stylistic attributes

“He’s a tough guy, that’s what he is. He’s a tough fight, he’s a tough fighter. We’ve grown up in the same circles, just never trained together. So I know he’s coming to bring it. Which means that much more of how much I put time in at the gym training. Working; making sure that nobody can argue that I will be the one, undisputed 165-pound champ.”


Parting thoughts for Kaleb Harris

“I’d like to thank my sponsors, Downrange Lifestyle and Knockout Canada for always supporting me and taking care of me. I’d also like to reach out to anybody that might be hearing this and tell them if they’re dealing with depression and anxiety especially men, if you feel like there’s nobody you can talk to. Or if you constantly are getting told that it’s weak to step out and talk. Look, I’m a bare-knuckle fighter. I’ve fought twenty-five times since I was 18 years old. There’s still days where I break down. I have panic attacks.”

“There’s days where I just don’t feel like have the energy to get up. I still get up. Even if you do nothing more than go through the motions, get up and go through them. I promise you as long as you’re moving forward, you’ll eventually find the daylight.”

Harris continued, “If you ever sit down and stop, that’s when things get hard. So if you’re hearing this and you’re going through anything, please reach out to somebody that you know. Sometimes friends can be oblivious because they’re so used to you putting on a mask. It’s ok to take that mask off and let your friends know that you’re not ok sometimes.”

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