Lewis Long

Lewis Long: Fighting Dillon Danis would be like Whack A Mole

Bellator fighter Lewis Long is one of the funniest, most laid back guys I have ever met.  In some ways he is typically Welsh, almost nothing fazes him or upsets him in the slightest.  So when I read (prior to our interview) that he had beef with fellow Bellator fighter Dillon Danis, well of course I had to ask what all that was about.

“I find it funny that a guy at his level is in Bellator!  He might be alright at grappling but, it would be funny to smack him about cause it would be like ‘Whack-a-mole’ ” Lewis said.

Lew claims the initial click bait title of ‘ I’m gonna kill Dillon Danis’ is slightly exaggerated and knowing how laid back Lewis is, i got the feeling that was the case.

“Obviously I don’t know him, but just picture it, he’d be rolling about on the floor and I’d be there hammering his little head like ‘Boop’ ‘Boop’

That’s all I was saying more than ‘I’m gonna fucking kill him’ yknow?”

You can check out the full interview here where Morty “The Dog” came on for a chat aswell, we talked Aaron Chalmers being on the card.  Lewis not being in the main event against “Pitbull” despite being the only man to beat Ryan Scope and much much more.


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